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Laptop prob

Posted By: lincle

Laptop prob - 12th May 2016 7:52am

Hi Can anyone out there help with a problem with Asus laptop.Fully charged, light green sometimes flashing but screen displaying nothing at all.What I know about technology could be written on the head of a pin so if anyone can help please use language I can understand.My Son has managed to solve prob twice but as soon as I log off then try to restart the same thing happens even after unplugging & leaving overnight. Thanks
Posted By: Salmon

Re: Laptop prob - 12th May 2016 9:45am

Just a thought has the screen been turned off?
Posted By: lincle

Re: Laptop prob - 12th May 2016 10:03am

Hi Salmon,no I don't think so,can't see a separate button for screen on or off unless it's one of the F buttons along top of keyboard.
Posted By: lansyp

Re: Laptop prob - 12th May 2016 11:31am

Try pressing fn button and anything that looks like a screen in blue on the buttons
Posted By: lincle

Re: Laptop prob - 12th May 2016 12:45pm

Hi,Haven't got any buttons that are blue so I've tried fn & everything that looks like a screen but no joy,thanks for suggestion though
Posted By: Salmon

Re: Laptop prob - 12th May 2016 1:19pm

Try this, it may work.Remove the battery, unplug the power lead, hold the power button for 1 to 2 minutes, turn on computer with power plug only, then shutdown, put the battery back in and restart.
Posted By: lincle

Re: Laptop prob - 12th May 2016 3:39pm

Thanks everyone.Its now sorted.My Son saved all my pics etc,wiped comp clean & put it back to windows 8. Ive had to many problems since windows 10 so fingers crossed that everything will be ok. Great advice from everyone as I knew there would be.
Posted By: Kieran1981

Re: Laptop prob - 14th May 2016 7:58am

It probably needs a bios update which can be obtained from the Asus website. Sometimes a computer needs its Bios updating before it can use the latest version of Windows. The Bios is in the basic sense the starter motor of your laptop. Don't update the Bios yourself unless you know what you're doing. Sometimes there are different ways of updating it. Either through windows itself or through the Bios were you'd press F11 on startup. Some computers you have to press Escape or F10 or F1 or F2. There's no real uniformity across manufacturers.
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