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Bidston Avenue Primary School

Posted By: MissGuided

Bidston Avenue Primary School - 30th May 2011 10:31pm


Anyone else go to Bidston Avenue school on here?

I was there from 1980 - 1986.

Staff at the time were:


Head: Mrs Rogers, followed by Mrs Boden
Class 1 - Mrs Walker ?
Class 2 - Mrs Dee
Class 3 - ?
Class 4 - Mrs Lunt
Class 5 - Mrs Kirwan?
Class 6 - Mrs Ray
Class 7 - Mrs Webster
Class 8 - Mrs Hargreaves


Head: Mr Roberts

Teachers: Miss Ball, Mr Oldfield, Mrs Morrison, Miss Gerrard, Mrs Hinton, Mrs McGee, Mr Fraser, Mrs Saunders, Mr McCartney

Posted By: maureenp

Re: Bidston Avenue Primary School - 28th Nov 2011 4:46pm

I was at Bidston Avenue from 44-49 app. It had very good results
Posted By: Icarus

Re: Bidston Avenue Primary School - 19th Apr 2014 12:10am

I was contacted a few years ago by one of the teachers at Bidston Avenue Primary School regarding a video that was being completed of the history and memories of the old school and former pupils etc .....if any one has a copy I would really like to obtain one ...or perhaps they would be generous enough to posted it here on this site

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