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Downton Abbey Film

Posted By: cools

Downton Abbey Film - 13th Sep 2019 2:30pm

This afternoon I decided to get away from all the Brexit nonsense and immerse myself in the civilised world of Downton. It was glorious and enjoyed every minute of it. You will love it Granny. Recommend it and on the big screen great ...
Posted By: granny

Re: Downton Abbey Film - 13th Sep 2019 9:09pm

I've wondered what it might be like, Cools. In recent weeks I have been watching the series in an afternoon ITV3. but missed a lot of them. It had been going on for weeks/months before I realised Thoroughly enjoyed them and there was such a lot I had forgotten .
It ended tonight with Lady Edith's wedding on News Years Eve and everything had come together at last with all the family together. Lovely.

I hope it's the same cast, Cools . Thank you for telling me.
Posted By: dingle

Re: Downton Abbey Film - 18th Sep 2019 11:29am

Yes Granny all the same cast, right down to Mr Barrow. Well worth a look.
Posted By: granny

Re: Downton Abbey Film - 3rd Oct 2019 11:01pm

After finding first 3 series of Downton Abbey, which I had forgotten I had, hiding in a cupboard ( and another one somewhere else) , I've been having a really good catch up. Such a lot of the first series I had forgotten, and probably others too.

Anyway, hoping to go next week to see the film.

Has it already been released in Australia , dingle, and have you seen it ?
Posted By: missmahjong

Re: Downton Abbey Film - 4th Oct 2019 10:37am

I too have been to see this film , really enjoyed it , was very popular with a various age group , loads of girly groups, even ladies on their zimmers …. lol who probably would'nt normally go the pictures .lol
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