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Exodus: our journey to europe

Posted By: mikeeb

Exodus: our journey to europe - 12th Jul 2016 9:53am

Anyone watch this on BBC 2 last night?
It certainly brings a lump to your throat if not a tear to your eye
Its a documentary about the Syrians journey to Europe and it shows the danger and heartache of a couple of them documenting there trek
Some of it is heartbreaking frown
Part 2 is on tonight at 9pm but I would suggest watching the first one on iplayer because the 2nd part tonight is a continuation of that journey
Posted By: granny

Re: Exodus: our journey to europe - 12th Jul 2016 11:52am

Yes, Mikeeb. I saw most of it, not the beginning. It is very heart breaking.
My only criticism is of the BBC.

All through the run up to the referendum, and knowing the 'apparently' main reason for the leave camps opinions on immigration etc. (which is also questionable as a being the blanket point of view of the Brexit masses, it certainly didn't apply to all by a long chalk) , we have had hardly any coverage on migrants, refugees, sinking boats and reporting of the happenings at borders etc.
It's still happening on a massive scale, but been kept quiet until after the referendum.
They reported the 'fear factor' for so long. NOW, suddenly as the Brexit vote wins, we are being fed the sob side of the story and they are showing films that were made last year. This is to soften us ,I believe, into viewing the migrants with a kinder approach. The BBC and its tricks with selective reporting to sway the masses ,has bitten itself in the bum this time.
However, it was emotional but I could not understand why the young Syrian who had money to stay in a hotel in Greece, was unable to share his double hotel room with another fellow Syrian .
Maybe he did, but maybe also this was BBC filming a true story, although not as it happened , apart from some of the young man's own phone footage. My heart goes out to the Syrians but more so to the 'poor' Syrians who are unable to pay for their travel to safety. They are the refugees in the camps that UK are helping, and that is a much better approach in my opinion, to helping the cause.
I will definitely watch tonight.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Exodus: our journey to europe - 12th Jul 2016 10:48pm

Last journey: The migrant who lost everything
Read this story online of a chap who lost his wife and 2 kids and then had to sell everything to repatriate the bodies to Afghanistan

His story will be replicated hundreds if not thousands of times. So many hurting broken people out there and all because they were born in a certain country

Posted By: mikeeb

Re: Exodus: our journey to europe - 13th Jul 2016 6:01am

I would have to agree with you granny regarding the post brexit vote
Why wasn't we shown this before the referendum?
The immigration problem is obviously the reason the majority voted for brexit but is stopping immigration going to halt the rot this country is in?
I think not
Ah well!
Posted By: granny

Re: Exodus: our journey to europe - 13th Jul 2016 8:19pm

I'm watching this again now. Really , this is beginning to annoy me. It is a programme filmed on a mission of refugees/migrant illegally attempting to get to the UK by any way possible. What sort of a message is this sending out ? Is it ok, to abuse the laws and restrictions consistently put in place to avoid illegal entry into another country ?
Just because this chap has a nice face, speaks good English, doesn't make him a decent person. At home he might be a criminal who has a bad upbringing.(for example) Just because he speaks Oxford English means nothing.

Posted By: snowhite

Re: Exodus: our journey to europe - 13th Jul 2016 8:35pm

Most want to come to the UK,That is because they think they have a chance of a house and a job or maybe benefits.They are complaining that Europe treat them bad.
Its sad really as our own people need a house and our elderly need care.
Most the refugees fleeing are rich and had nice homes.
If you notice they have nice haircuts and latest fashion clothes.
What if it was us in the same position, would the people in question help us??????

Posted By: mikeeb

Re: Exodus: our journey to europe - 15th Jul 2016 9:59am

This program strayed from its original thought of just getting out of Syria to escape conflict and then trailed off to a free for all from anywhere in the world and join the bandwagon to just get to the UK/Germany or anywhere else that would accept them in Europe
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