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marlowe rd

Posted By: Willo_

marlowe rd - 28th Nov 2013 6:31pm

Someone has been run over
Posted By: smithersjones

Re: marlowe rd - 28th Nov 2013 9:53pm

Drove past at about 6.45pm . Flashing police cars blocking road off and waiting for an ambulance. Looked like a black sports type car was involved. Hope everyone is oK

Take care everyone
Posted By: Emeeh

Re: marlowe rd - 2nd Dec 2013 2:42pm

Drove along Marlow Road on the way to an evening out and happened across it just after it had happened - must have been 5:50pm so they were waiting a long time for an ambulance if one hadn't arrived about an hour later!

Looked like a young girl or boy and was covered in a jacket, screaming their head off clearly in pain which is a good thing I suppose i.e. not unconscious.

Would like to know the outcome, I was in a taxi who just did a U turn and went the other way but there were already plenty of people there.

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