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Holiday cottage Star Ratings

Posted By: paxvobiscum

Holiday cottage Star Ratings - 16th Jul 2012 7:49am

If any Wikki members rent holiday cottages do they do it on price or on star rating? For example would you rent a two star cottage because it was affordable or go for the three star because it perhaps is a better cottage?

Do you think more low priced three star cottages would be best rather than paying for one at the top of the three star scale?

Posted By: Salmon

Re: Holiday cottage Star Ratings - 16th Jul 2012 9:13am

I think there is not that much difference between the star ratings and that most folk would go for what fits their budget as long as itsounds and looks ok and is in an area they want.Most people are happy to make do when in a holiday home and accept that their usual home comforts amy not be available.
Posted By: Spiritdancer

Re: Holiday cottage Star Ratings - 16th Jul 2012 10:09am

Echo all of Salmon's sentiments.
If two cottages, both with three star ratings differ a lot in price, it's because one can accommodate more people, or has a spectacular view.
Posted By: katiechops

Re: Holiday cottage Star Ratings - 16th Jul 2012 11:07am

Hope this helps, as one who has been renting holiday cottages for years. It would depend on whether you want all 'home comforts' or are happy to 'rough it' also the star ratings are not allways a great indictor of what you are going to get. We have rented two properties which were a '3 star' and quite frankly could have been better furnished had they gone to Bidston Tip !! have a look at photo's and see what you think they look like. Have to say now only rent 4 star, as comfort is important, but that is a personal choice. Have a great holiday wherever you choose
Posted By: pegsgirl

Re: Holiday cottage Star Ratings - 16th Jul 2012 5:53pm

We too book cottages a few times a year. We work out a price we can afford decide where and what we want. Must admit we do look for the nicest ones. It really depends if your just "sleeping" in it or using it as your home for a week. I find owners direct and sykes to be the best. We just booked a 6 berth in scotland from scotish holidays.co uk. Good luck and enjoy
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