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Help with Humax

Posted By: muzzy2

Help with Humax - 18th Jan 2018 10:02am

Does anyone know who can look at or fix a Humax box HDR 1800 other than Humax themselves, please. Red light won't come on, only blue light, then can't get any further. As it's out of warranty, Humax want £100 down payment to even look at it!
Posted By: Mark

Re: Help with Humax - 18th Jan 2018 10:31am

Power off completely from the mains.
Remove any external USB or similar from the unit, make it as basic as possible.

Not Sure what your colours mean ?

Is it the viewing or playback or the record that is causing the problems ?

Humax also have a refurb page for cheaper replacements.
Posted By: muzzy2

Re: Help with Humax - 18th Jan 2018 11:00am

Thanks for your suggestions but tried every possible thing. Red light means Standby, should change to blue for switch on to TV. No red light comes on, always blue but cannot link to TV, just blank screen therefore cannot go any further to access settings etc. Have found several places that do refurbs from 30 or repairs so think I'll chance that. Humax want 109 for a refurb!
Posted By: Mark

Re: Help with Humax - 18th Jan 2018 12:42pm

I didn't find then helpful when a refurbish failed in 3 months.

The replacement is still going strong after 2 yrs now so it worked out.

Hope you get it sorted smile
Posted By: Gibbo

Re: Help with Humax - 19th Jan 2018 10:17am

Try asking here, its a really good forum with user support:

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