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24 Month Phone Contract o2

Posted By: fish5133

24 Month Phone Contract o2 - 21st Aug 2017 12:14am

My laddie took out a 24 month phone contract. Paid all 24 months payments but still got sent a further 2 bills. Apparently he had to notify them he wanted to end the contract 30 days in advance.
Doesn't sound much like a 24 month contract rather open ended.
Also thought that a contract could end by non payment or breach.

O2 don't make it easy to cancel your contract ..3 hour wait to get through to the "right" department also the help line number they gave just switched straight to their top up service. .

Anyone else been hit in this way?
Posted By: j_demo

Re: 24 Month Phone Contract o2 - 22nd Aug 2017 5:48pm

Iirc phone contracts run til the end unless you give them 30 days notice. If you don't give them notice then yes it keeps rolling.

Much in the same way a tenancy agreement runs. Often initially for x amount of months then just keeps rolling.

I, fortunately, haven't had the pleasure of dealing with o2 and have been with T-Mobile/EE for 8ish years now and just renew my contract on the 22month mark and upgrade my phone then and have it run from then, but i think all phone companies are much-a-muchness when it comes to termination of contract.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: 24 Month Phone Contract o2 - 22nd Aug 2017 7:43pm

Cheers J Demo. Got it sorted with a polite letter. They had a record of my sons attempts to cancel and also remembered he had paid a month in advance which halved the bill and then they gave him a credit to take it to nil.. Very good of them.
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