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Samsung Laptop not charging .

Posted By: johncon

Samsung Laptop not charging . - 17th Apr 2017 2:58pm

Hi My Wifes Samsung R20 laptop has a fault on the charging port . It is very hit and miss whether it charges or not. I believe this is a known fault . Can it be repaired ? I have a complete spare identical laptop in pieces that can be used for parts if necessary. If so what sort of Cost bearing in mind that it is quite an old Laptop so it would need to be a cost effective repair
Thanks in advance .
Posted By: lansyp

Re: Samsung Laptop not charging . - 17th Apr 2017 9:39pm

Hi .The one you have in bits does the charging port have wires or does it fit straight to the motherboard.ifvits straight to the motherboard take it too akita consoles in Wallasey .If it's wired to the board try it yourself it's just a push on pin
Posted By: Excoriator

Re: Samsung Laptop not charging . - 18th Apr 2017 8:05am

A very likely fault is in the charger - a break in the wire as it enters the plug. This is constantly flexed and the result is that a conductor may have snapped.

Either check this with a voltmeter (or teh spare unit if that works) whilst flexing the cable to see if the voltage goes on or off, or borrow a known good charger and try that before you assume its the computer. You may be able to buy a cheap charger for less than the cost of the repair, and if it proves not to be the charger, at least you have a spare!
Posted By: johncon

Re: Samsung Laptop not charging . - 18th Apr 2017 6:06pm

Hi I have tried another charger and also bought a new charger and battery and it is still the same so I am sure it is a problem within the laptop !!
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