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Virgin broadband

Posted By: corona

Virgin broadband - 10th Dec 2016 5:20pm

Anyone else having virgin broadband problems most days can only get about 15 -20mb or less was only 5 a couple of days ago, paying for upto 100 complained and got sent new router still rubbishy they told me there upgrading but won't be finished till end of January is everybody else's virgin having similar problems?
Posted By: starakita

Re: Virgin broadband - 10th Dec 2016 5:55pm

I'm on virgin & mine is ok
Posted By: Finney

Re: Virgin broadband - 10th Dec 2016 5:58pm

I get about 35mbps on my laptop via WiFi, on my son's pc we get 100mbps as its hardwired.
Posted By: Basisboy

Re: Virgin broadband - 10th Dec 2016 6:13pm

I'm with Virgin and ok but they do throttle with traffic management, peak hours service is controlled.
It could be your router or the cabling from the cabinet to your house / router is faulty... my father-in-law had issues and needed cable to be relaid... or it could be your pc / laptop. Well worth checking for nasties ... Adaware is a great utility google it - bleeping computers has latest version.
I run ever now and then to clear down my PC of any virus or software picked up from surfing!
Posted By: corona

Re: Virgin broadband - 10th Dec 2016 7:38pm

Thanks for the advice
Posted By: Excoriator

Re: Virgin broadband - 10th Dec 2016 11:18pm

I got an email from them the other day saying that they had upgraded my broadband (FOC) to 150Mbps. I was mystified, as I recalled them raising it to that about a year back so went and ran an Ookla speed test on them. It came back at 220mbps.

I haven't noticed much difference since it was raised to about 30Mbps. The perceived speed of web surfing is governed by the latency of the servers I think. It makes little difference to the user if the page loads in 10 or 1 millisecond, if you've had to wait for maybe half a second for it to respond.

What I have noticed, shortly after these FOC increases, that there is purely coincidental price increase! I normally get onto them and ask for the speed to be reduced to what it was and no price increase. This they are curiously reluctant to do, but generally one can reduce the amount of the proposed price increase by haggling. On one or two occasions, they have agreed to give me a further speed increase in lieu of a price reduction. It is certainly worth haggling with them.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Virgin broadband - 11th Dec 2016 2:18am

15-20mb Luxury. Never got anywhere near 10mb lucky to get 7mb that was with virgin and same with Talk Talk. Don't have cable here its down the phone line.
Posted By: philmch

Re: Virgin broadband - 11th Dec 2016 11:06am

I'm on the basic fibre optic package with Virgin. Just run Broadband Speed Checker and got 51.87 Mb/s download and 3.06 Mb/s upload.
Posted By: Excoriator

Re: Virgin broadband - 11th Dec 2016 11:12am

Phone lines are probably OK if you are near the exchange. Speeds fall with distance. Cable is much better.
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