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Mobdro & Chrome cast

Posted By: Mike72

Mobdro & Chrome cast - 1st Oct 2014 11:42am

I have the above Mobdro app on my android phone and planning to buy chrome cast so that i can watch it on my TV does anybody know if they both work together or do i need to do something else?
Posted By: Blueskier

Re: Mobdro & Chrome cast - 1st Oct 2014 1:40pm

Sorry i dont know what mobdro is so cant answer your question.
However i wondedred if you had seen this offer for chromecast for 20 delivered with a tv series thrown in, and 3 months now tv?
It was posted on hotukdeals, i got one last time with game of thrones.

Posted By: Blueskier

Re: Mobdro & Chrome cast - 1st Oct 2014 1:43pm

Now i have googled modbro i would say it will work.
Maybe download localcast as an alternative to googlecast.
I seem able to cast anything from my S2 to my chromecastusing this.
Posted By: AX_125

Re: Mobdro & Chrome cast - 1st Oct 2014 6:16pm

Chrome cast now allows you to cast everything on your phone rather than selected apps. Supported apps are much better off course
Posted By: goodoldphil

Re: Mobdro & Chrome cast - 1st Oct 2014 7:25pm

I don't know about chromecast but my son bought me an android box off ebay a short while ago for I think about 55.00. This works through my broadband on the TV (which must have an HDMI connection) and through it you can access Modbro which has loads of films, sports channels and podcasts all for free. It also has XMBC which has loads of free films and also TV series, mainly US ones, I am currently catching up on Breaking Bad as it has all 7 series available. The only downside is that it is quite slow to load and there are occasional duff channels so you have to be a bit patient when loading stuff. I hope this is helpful.Incidentally my son said there were a load of porn channels on it at first which he removed before giving it to me.
Posted By: Raven61

Re: Mobdro & Chrome cast - 1st Oct 2014 9:12pm

What speed Broadband do you have & do you use a wireless connection.
Also what Sports channels can you access for watching the football & boxing.
Posted By: Mike72

Re: Mobdro & Chrome cast - 2nd Oct 2014 9:50am

I think thet the Android Box sounds the best and better option as it is basically makes your TV a Tablet, does anyone know of anywhere cheap for them?, seen on Ebay for 40 but local computer shops?
Posted By: goodoldphil

Re: Mobdro & Chrome cast - 2nd Oct 2014 10:07am

I've got BT Infinity broadband and when I did a speed test the other night it was running at 39 Mb. download speed and is connected to my router by ethernet cable and to the TV by HDMI cable. Apparently it can be run wirelessly but the TV MUST have an HDMI socket You can get all the Sky sports channels and loads of other sports including boxing, baseball, wrestling etc. Having said that I watched some of Liverpool's match last night but the it was nowhere as good as it is on the proper channel, and it did freeze up a couple of times.I am not too concerned about watching TV as I am more interested i
Posted By: goodoldphil

Re: Mobdro & Chrome cast - 2nd Oct 2014 10:19am

Continued from last post:- blush
in watching films, but all the other stuff is quite interesting. You can also use the box to browse the internet and check your email and Facebook etc.
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