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Google Chrome Address Bar.

Posted By: nidgynoo

Google Chrome Address Bar. - 10th Sep 2014 7:05pm

Hi, Can you help. I have Google Chrome as my web browser. After getting another pc everything on the monitor was small. I worked out how to make web pages and text bigger but cannot for the life of me make the Address Bar and tabs etc bigger. Straining my eyes here. frown
Does anyone know how to do this. Looked in settings and can't find anything. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: j_demo

Re: Google Chrome Address Bar. - 10th Sep 2014 7:27pm

I am presuming you have windows 7 but if you don't have, please let me know:

1) close all tabs and go to desktop
2) right click
3) click 'screen resolution'
4) open the middle drop-down entitled "resolution"
5) take the slider down to the bottom to make everything bigger
6) if that works but everything looks a bit skewiff, follow steps 1-4 again but instead of 5) take the slider one notch up and keep going until it all looks fine to you.

hope the above helped.
Posted By: nidgynoo

Re: Google Chrome Address Bar. - 10th Sep 2014 7:38pm

Thanks j_demo. You weren't far out. It was under more settings in what you told me to do. Thanks again. smile
Posted By: ChrisJ

Re: Google Chrome Address Bar. - 10th Sep 2014 10:46pm

Keyboard shortcuts to enlarge, reduce & reset web pages back to 100%

Ctrl and + to zoom in
Ctrl and - to zoom out
Ctrl and 0 to reset back to 100%
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