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Printers again.

Posted By: venice

Printers again. - 5th Aug 2014 9:51pm

Sorry to bring this up again . Not sure that updates on old threads are read that much- no replies anyway. Ive been sidetracked from choosing and buying a printer since I started looking, but now Ive re-looked and thinking of getting this one as Im starting to really need to print tax return forms etc, so is this one any good do you think for a non techie person who only needs to print in small amounts , now and again, and wants REALLY easy and simple to operate , install and manage.

Posted By: Habdab

Re: Printers again. - 6th Aug 2014 9:12am

The page you posted the URL for doesn't exsist.
Posted By: Habdab

Re: Printers again. - 6th Aug 2014 9:26am

The URL you posted points to a discontinued web page.

However, if you require a trusty printer I can recommend an Epson
I have used an Epson printer for years. Excellent quality prints and very simple to use. If you are using it for home office use, I suggest an "all in one" type that includes a scanner. You can use it as a copier without having the PC on. If you buy generic inks from eBay the cost is minimal.

My present model is the Epson Stylus SX205 which is outdated by now but still serves all my purposes adequately.

Hope this helps
Posted By: venice

Re: Printers again. - 6th Aug 2014 7:13pm

Sorry , didnt know I had a reply, didnt notice it appear on the topic replies margin , so I didnt think to check!

Id decided after the last advice on here to get a laser one. This is the correct link below. I do like Epsons Habdab but it appealed that the |NHS use Brothers, and this one has special anti jamming thing , which is a previous problem Ive encountered. Also this one has a smaller footprint for my surface.


Does it look idiot proof, simple, and all that stuff dyou think?
Posted By: AX_125

Re: Printers again. - 7th Aug 2014 6:04pm

Has reasonable reviews, it is a60 printer so isn't going to be amazing but will be fine for what you need
Posted By: venice

Re: Printers again. - 7th Aug 2014 8:53pm

Yeah, went to Currys late today and assistant said as much. Bought this one instead, same thing more or less, but a little more expensive , hoping it was a matter of getting what you pay for !

Brother HL-2250DN

Thanks peeps.

Posted By: Gibbo

Re: Printers again. - 10th Aug 2014 2:28pm

You can't go wrong with small Brother laser printers. If anyone else wants one, have a look on Ebay, there are companies which sell off ex-NHS equipment cheap.
Posted By: venice

Re: Printers again. - 10th Aug 2014 7:39pm

Saw some on Ebay Gibbo, which were refurbished and around 50 ,they might have been the ones you're referring to, but only a guestimate of how much toner etc was left. They said 90% but who would know! If it went wrong, Id be wishing I had a proper shop to march back to with it, hence Currys. I like to keep eveything simple as poss these days , me and stress dont get on!Still havent unpacked it yet , so cant comment on whether Im pleased with it or not, but Im sure I will be. Not so much the printer putting me off now, as the thought of having no excuse not to do the tax forms once I have the ability to print them off.
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