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cam corder repairs ?

Posted By: russell66

cam corder repairs ? - 10th Mar 2014 8:20pm

My camcorder says "HARD DRIVE ERROR" every time its turned on. Its the type that doesn't use a DVD or tape but a hard drive to store things on. Does anybody know of anybody or anywhere that could repair this please ?
Posted By: davew3

Re: cam corder repairs ? - 11th Mar 2014 4:42pm

Cheaper to go to Cash Convertors, I got one for 20 a Panasonic SDR-H80, 70 times optical, works a treat.
Posted By: j_demo

Re: cam corder repairs ? - 11th Mar 2014 9:54pm

hard drive error basically could be a formatting issue which then it would be a more expensive job to fix it than the camera is worth, if you have anything on there the chances are that it will be lost if it is a hard drive 'software' issue as the drive would need to be re-formatted

alternatively it could also be a loose connection so the hard drive isn't getting full power or transmitting all data so the camera believes the hard drive is at fault when really there may just be a loose connection... if it's been dropped or knocked then the latter may be a more likely scenario...

wish you all the best! but as davew3 said, it may be easier to get a new one, maybe with an SD card slot...
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