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Posted By: chris7777

tablet pc - 1st Sep 2012 3:36pm

i have a Prestigio tablet pc and all of a sudden it wont power on,i bought off ebay and when i got it it was working perfectly then it came up with 'open with a pattern' i did'nt know what the pattern was, then it said 'log in with your google account' which i did but it didn't recognize it, i got intouch with the seller who was very helpful, but now it wont even power on, what could of happened? i'm letting it fully charge and then see what happens, the seller has offered to return and refund which i think i will be doing, but in the mean time i am trying to figure out what has happened to make it go off completely! any ideas anyone???
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: tablet pc - 1st Sep 2012 4:01pm

No idea what the problem is but I have a Natpc MOO9S rtb 16 gig ...and I love it ! Only 100 off Amazon.
Posted By: sunnyside

Re: tablet pc - 1st Sep 2012 4:04pm

how big is your tablet? and was it new thanks
Posted By: Mark

Re: tablet pc - 1st Sep 2012 4:06pm

possibly a known fault.
what ever the reason may be its a hardware issue so the reasons why are going to be endless. (having a none starter)

get a replacement or refund.
seems like you have had a few too many problems.
Posted By: chris7777

Re: tablet pc - 1st Sep 2012 4:09pm

Originally Posted by sunnyside
how big is your tablet? and was it new thanks

it's 8inch and was new only used once, but it was working when i opened the box!
Posted By: EvilCycle

Re: tablet pc - 2nd Sep 2012 9:45am

Sometimes when a tablet battery runs completely dead it wil not take a charge at first, you need to plug and unplug the power a few times to get it to start a charge, once it has finally decided to take a charge, it will need a decent amount of charge before it will allow you to switch it back on, I had a similar problem with a samsung tablet so it is worth a try before returning it.
Posted By: chris7777

Re: tablet pc - 2nd Sep 2012 11:32am

Thanks for all your replys, i've got it sorted now and its up and running, did a reset a few times went into settings,changed things there, now here i am on the tablet typing this!
thanks again
Posted By: missmahjong

Re: tablet pc - 2nd Sep 2012 1:21pm

Glad you got it sorted out,and you were'nt ripped off!
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