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ibook query

Posted By: derekdwc

ibook query - 25th Jun 2012 9:39am

There's a book on itunes this one I want to buy,but I've only got an iPod 3rd generation 8gb on which the screen is too small really to read.
Is there some way I can get it onto a pc to view properly?
Posted By: Tanzi

Re: ibook query - 25th Jun 2012 9:51am

i use Calibre to read on pc , exchange files to my iphone and on my kindle .. its a reader , converter ect . as far as i know its free to download.

hope its ok to put link
Posted By: derekdwc

Re: ibook query - 25th Jun 2012 10:50am

I've now bought it and it shows up in the itunes store and also on my pc but I can't open either to read it.
In calibre comes up about DRM (DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT?)
Any other readers that may open it on pc?
Posted By: DeanoBirko

Re: ibook query - 25th Jun 2012 12:29pm

There is an addon for firefox that allows you to read Ibooks. Its called Epub reader or something. I use it all the time.
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