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Wirral Street??

Posted By: gerrymoore

Wirral Street?? - 16th Mar 2019 2:58pm

Does anyone remember Wirral Street? I was brought up on the corner of the street which was 141 Claughton Road. Hursts bakery was over the Road and there was a chippy at the other side of Wirral Street.

I lived there from age 2 to about 11 and went to St Werburghs primary ...... Macks sweet shop was in the next street ...Cyprus Street..... then there was Coventry Street, St Catherine Street and Thomas Street with the Music Hall pub just before Exmouth Street. Going the other way was St John Street and Oliver Street at the top

I remember the 'new' co-op being built ..lots of happy memories too!!!

I'ts mostly all ASDA now!!! Love to see any pics if anyone has any??
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Wirral Street?? - 16th Mar 2019 4:58pm

I'm sure conversation about Wirral, Coventry and Cyprus Streets popped up recently on twitter or somewhere. Coventry lasted longer than the other two when the land was car parks. I'll keep my eyes out.
Posted By: gerrymoore

Re: Wirral Street?? - 17th Mar 2019 9:51am

Thanks DD - had a great childhood growing up there :-)
Posted By: mikeeb

Re: Wirral Street?? - 1st May 2020 11:44am

Birkenhead reference library has pictures from 1971 of Cyprus, Coventry and Wirral streets.
BPL 563, 564 and 565.
I don't know if they have already been demolished in the pictures.
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