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Ron Gittins Stories ?

Posted By: DaDoRon

Ron Gittins Stories ? - 2nd Jul 2020 8:59pm

Hello - Do you have any memories or stories about long-time Wirral resident, Ron Gittins who passed away in September 2019? Ron was a colourful and complicated character; very sociable, yet also something of a loner, at times. I'm working with his niece to help her gather stories and recollections about Ron. Doesn't matter whether those memories are big or small, I'd love to hear from you. Many thanks. Martin.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Ron Gittins Stories ? - 3rd Jul 2020 10:27am

For those that, like me, don't remember names https://ronsplace.co.uk/
Posted By: philmch

Re: Ron Gittins Stories ? - 3rd Jul 2020 12:58pm

I never met Ron but one day I was cycling through Oxton when I saw him up the road wearing a top hat and carrying a rolled-up carpet over his shoulder. He had a reputation as being something of a Vivian Stanshall - incredibly creative but curmudgeonly at times.
Posted By: DaDoRon

Re: Ron Gittins Stories ? - 3rd Jul 2020 2:36pm

Thanks diggingdeeper - Good idea about posting the link to his flat.

philmch - I hear what you're saying about Viv Stanshall; a very interesting analogy. Top hat and a rolled up carpet over the shoulder - sounds like a good look.
Posted By: Harp1st

Re: Ron Gittins Stories ? - 8th Aug 2020 9:26am

Hi, re- Ron Gittins.
I knew him many years ago when we both attended Palm Grove Methodist Church. At the time I didn't know about his artistic talents, but he was very interested in music. His idol was Buddy Holly and he used to dress like him even down to wearing the same style of glasses. He also used to play Buddy Holly music on his guitar and sing along. He was a complex character even in those days.
He was very interested in religion and there would be group meetings at his parents home very often led by Henry Williams who became his sister Pat's husband. I believe they are his niece's parents. Ron also had a younger sister named Joan who went to the church youth club where she was an exceptional jive dancer.
As you can see, I knew the whole family probably between 1959 and 1963 .
Palm Grove Methodist Church is no longer in existence as it was demolished some years ago.
I hope that this will be of some help to Ron's niece.
By the way, he was always known as Ronnie in those days.
Good luck with everything.
Posted By: DaDoRon

Re: Ron Gittins Stories ? - 10th Aug 2020 7:13pm

Hi Harp1st,
Thank you very much for sharing your memories. Really interesting. Sorry about my slow reply!
I've met a few people who also knew him best as 'Ronnie' in those days and I've seen some great family photos where he does look like a real Buddy Holly type crooner. You are correct about Henry and Pat being Jan's folks, too.
It would be great to talk some more about your memories of those days.
If you'd like to do that, you can reach me by email and then maybe later perhaps you'd like to chat on the phone about him.
You can get me on: rondoc AT nova-inc.co.uk
Just swop 'AT' for the @ sign.
I've written the email in this slightly coded way to stop internet bots from hoovering up the address into their spam machines!!!
Best wishes,
Posted By: Harp1st

Re: Ron Gittins Stories ? - 13th Aug 2020 12:20pm

Hi Martin,
thanks for the reply.

I didn't know about Ron going to the Art School , so maybe it was after Ileft the area or maybe he went to evening classes there.
However it jogged my memory back to the time when I was there on school day release.
That aside, I was reading something the other day about the Dutch artist Escher. I don't know whether he was influenced by his Transformation period, but he kept drawing a lot of black and white designs which on reflection seemed as though he was trying to emulate him and his work. Some of Ron's were quite eye boggling and dizzying.

Posted By: DaDoRon

Re: Ron Gittins Stories ? - 13th Aug 2020 4:57pm

Hi Harp1st,

Ron began a combined arts course in late 80s - it was 3 A-levels. Although he didn't complete the course.
We are currently working through a big box of Ron's notes and correspondence. There are some drawings in there, too, but as of yet we've not seen any mesmerizing black and white stuff. There is still plenty more stuff in the box, though, so I will keep you posted...
Best wishes
Posted By: Harp1st

Re: Ron Gittins Stories ? - 14th Aug 2020 3:07pm

Hi Martin,
If it was late '80s when Ron went to the art school would that have been on Park Road East?
I went to the old building opposite Park Entrance early 60s. It was also the time I knew him. I left the area a couple of years later.
I remember Pat and Henry living in a street between Upper Brassey Street and Norman Street when they first married. It was either Colwyn St or Elfet St. They had a birthday party for their first child and several local little children were invited. My sister remembers it even now. I don't know whether that was Jan's party!

I can't think of anything else regarding Ron, just that he did seem to be a very solitary person in his own world and not relating easily to others. Very different to the rest of the family.

I hope that you will be able to piece his life together to some extent and be able to make good use of his former home in a community way.

Best regards,
Posted By: DaDoRon

Re: Ron Gittins Stories ? - 14th Aug 2020 6:03pm

Hi Harp1st,

It was Withens Lane where Ron went to college; part of what is now Wirral Met, I believe.
I assume you are correct that it was Jan's birthday, as she is the oldest. I will mention this to her.
It must have been quite a party that your sister still remembers it all these years later!
Best wishes
Posted By: Harp1st

Re: Ron Gittins Stories ? - 16th Aug 2020 3:51pm

Hi Martin,
I think my sister was older than the other children who I gather were toddlers and babies.At least that was according to mother way back. I think my sister felt a bit out of things being older.
It would be Jan's birthday as I didn't know about any siblings, they probably were born after I had left the area.I should explain that my sister was a lot younger than me.
I also knew Henry's twin brothers fairly well - George and Raymond.
Back in those days we all attended Palm Grove Methodist Church which is where Pat and Henry were married in 1960.
It would be nice to know how life panned out for everyone. Although Jan is obviously enjoying her chosen path. Good luck to her and the Caravan Gallery. Maybe one day I will come across it.
Best wishes to all,
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