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For sale BMW 318i e36 350

Posted By: chris_gilly

For sale BMW 318i e36 350 - 20th Apr 2011 2:19pm

hurts me to do this but i have to due to unforseen cercumstances frown

righto pics can be found here from before i bought her https://www.wikiwirral.co.uk/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/474287/Re_for_sale_bmw.html#Post474287

list of things ive done
new rear wheel cylinder,
brake pipes,
power steering rack S/H
Master cylinder S/H
brake fluid change,
silly little exhaust tip, same as on a saxo VTR
rebuilt intake side changing breather pipes

ive spent alot of time cleaning and rebuilding the engine and it has the power to show, runs brilliant.

remote cental locking, 2 keys, 2 alarm switch off keys, remote fob

car has lots of rust bubbles over all arches O/S front being the worst.

MOT july, can see it passing easily, bar it needs 3 tyres soon.
NO tax.

the interior is very tatty dogs have been in it, so prob will want a good good valet, i have started hovered out scrubbed seat

Sony stero

156600 odd miles
1.8 petrol

passenger front window doesnt work

viewing defo best

bonnets on lifters so sits higher at the back, but i can put it back to standard if desired

E46 alloys fitted

350 it owes me alot more!
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