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Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable'

Posted By: granny

Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 3rd Aug 2017 8:58am

If you have any care for animals , can as many as possible, sign this please and share.

Tell Arsenal Owner Stan Kroenke To Stop Supporting Trophy Hunting.

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has launched a sickening blood sport channel in the United Kingdom which not only advocates the hunting of defenceless animals, but encourages it.

We believe that, not only is this not compatible with being the majority shareholder of Arsenal Football Club, but it is also not compatible with the Premier League or any of its sponsors. We believe Koenke should stand down as Chairman of Arsenal Football club and sell his shares.

Stand with us and we will ensure this message gets to Arsenal Football Club & the Premier League. We cannot allow this man to remain in charge of the clubs destiny.

Please sign to ask him to STOP supporting trophy hunting.

Posted By: venice

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 3rd Aug 2017 1:13pm

What a disgusting excuse of a human being.A waste of good air. Will sign.
Posted By: snowhite

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 3rd Aug 2017 1:30pm

Signed thumbsup
Posted By: cools

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 3rd Aug 2017 2:33pm

Grrr hate these cowardly so called hunters with their big guns and crossbows. What chance have the animals got just for their so called sport!!! Signed.
Posted By: Dilly

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 3rd Aug 2017 2:47pm

Remove their weapons and put them in with the animals and watch them squirm and beg for mercy like the cowardly b#stards they are. Signed
Posted By: paulaharry

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 3rd Aug 2017 6:14pm

Posted By: lincle

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 3rd Aug 2017 7:45pm

Well said Dilly . Granny thanks for bringing this to our notice. Signed
Posted By: granny

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 3rd Aug 2017 10:48pm

Thanks folks.

When I posted it this morning, there were around 27,500 signed.

Tonight it has risen to a staggering 55,883 signatures and counting from all over the world. Brilliant !! Still looking to reach 100,00.

Thanks again.

Posted By: granny

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 3rd Aug 2017 11:05pm

This woman is the sort of people STAN KROENKE will be promoting and supporting by his actions.

Sick, warped, blood thirsty and greedy. This woman is trying to block the ruling of a Namibian Minister . No apologies for calling this woman a bitch !!

Have a look at her 'Hunting Gallery' along the top.


She wants permission to hunt Kebbel. Article below.

Amidst international and local pressure, Namibian Minister of the Environment and Tourism (MET) Pohamba Shifeta has stated to the Republikein newspaper that he has not issued a permit to trophy hunt Kebbel, the last remaining adult lion in the Sesfontein Conservancy in Namibia.

He also stated that even if a permit was issued, he would withdraw it. This, despite the ‘problem animal’ permit being confirmed last week by Sesfontein officials because Kebbel the lion supposedly killed two donkeys in June.

British anti-hunting activist group Spots & Stripes Conservation yesterday delivered a petition to the Namibian Embassy in London, requesting that Kebbel the lion not be hunted. The petition was signed by more than 8,000 people. It is believed that this, and other pressure, convinced the minister to change his mind.

Reacting to the minister’s decision, the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) President Danene van der Westhuysen released a stinging rebuke of the decision on Facebook, labeling the public ‘ill-informed’, ‘factually incorrect’ and referring to what she terms ‘a general ignorance of landscape ecology’. In a rather bizarre finale to her diatribe she suggested ‘In this case, please blame the donkey’.

Posted By: granny

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 4th Aug 2017 12:46pm

3 hours ago : Success !! clap clap clap

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke orders hunting TV channel to remove all bloodsports after public backlash

The American billionaire, who owns 70% of Arsenal Football Club, has ordered MyOutdoorTV to 'remove all content related to those animals in light of public interest'

Full release here.

Posted By: cools

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 4th Aug 2017 2:22pm

YAY!!!!Good news Granny...well done you for highlighting it.
Posted By: lincle

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 4th Aug 2017 6:27pm

Justice at last ,well done to the general public for caring & Granny for listing it
Posted By: granny

Re: Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' - 4th Aug 2017 11:38pm

It's amazing what can be achieved through public support, isn't it girls.

However, just found out that the programme will not feature 'big game trophy hunting ' now, but will still feature other animals, being hunted, caught and killed.

So what do you make of that ? I see it as the same without the words 'Big' and 'Trophy', and one has to ask, where will they get the footage from, would that be poachers or secret Big Game hunters ?? Maybe not such a result as anticipated.
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