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Posted By: cools

Shibani - 22nd Apr 2017 1:52pm

This is Shibani the George Clooney of the gorilla world. He's very unusual because of the whites in his eyes, usually all brown and this apparently is having an affect on the Japanese women who flock to see him in the Zoo there. Saw this on Goggle box last night and brought up some images of him. Well what do you think ladies? I think he's a very handsome chap , I love gorillas find them fascinating any way.

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Posted By: granny

Re: Shibani - 22nd Apr 2017 6:42pm

He's a handsome chap alright. They fascinate me too, Cools but when looking into their eyes, they are more human and probably more intelligent, knowing they should never have been put in captivity. I hope he has a decent enclosure with company, not just humans.
Posted By: cools

Re: Shibani - 22nd Apr 2017 8:06pm

It is a great shame Granny that these magnificent animals should be kept in Zoos, but they are so endangered as you know that these are part of the breeding program. He was born in Netherlands, raised in Australia then gifted to Japan and has two wives and offspring from both so it seems he quite content, and I always think that they adapt to Zoo life having never known different. As you say when you look into their eyes you seem to have a connection, I just love the chimps at Chester Zoo and there is one particular one that I blow kisses at and he returns them, I kid you not! Apparently he was raised by humans so I guess thats where it comes from.
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