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Bengal Male Cat Looking For A New Home - Free

Posted By: Uffda

Bengal Male Cat Looking For A New Home - Free - 8th Mar 2017 6:34pm

I have a six year old spotted Bengal cat looking for a new home. It's a long story but he doesn't want to live with my other cats and keeps running away, being found at vet's and returned to me. He is very affectionate and clever. He's neutered but needs to be able to go out as he loves to keep an eye on the neighbourhood. I think he would be happy in a home without any other animals. He loves people just not my two other cats. Please let me know if you know anyone who would be interested?

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Posted By: lashs

Re: Bengal Male Cat Looking For A New Home - Free - 11th Mar 2017 10:24pm

He is gorgeous I would of loved him but unfortunately I have two very dominant males and two dogs .IMPORTANT please please please I beg you to not put this boy online as free as it is a haven for dog batters , cat peddlers and all as such much more than you could imagine TRUST ME , so many people out there go to great lengths doing the usual loving family pet routine and will send wives/girlfriends dressed the part to take the pet as a loving pet when there is usually someone behind it ready to use it as a training toy to dog baiting, a money making scheme to cat peddlers or a free luxury meal for there snake . If money changes hands theres more chance the pet may be looked after but contact or home checks with buyer would be more safer for cats welfare . If your on facebook please look for group called "just cats northwest" or look for Thomasina sumner or Julie bell tattler and INBOX them for any advice or suggestions they may have on how you can find him safer environment . I hope you can find this handsome baby a safe forever home he deserves x
Posted By: venice

Re: Bengal Male Cat Looking For A New Home - Free - 12th Mar 2017 5:21pm

You're spot on Lashs but you needn't worry, Uffda is very aware of potential animal cruelty and a true animal lover, --the cat will be fine .
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