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On This Day in HIstory

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On This Day in HIstory - 26th Dec 2018 11:36am

26th December 1862

Largest Mass Hanging in US History



One of the 39 condemned prisoners was granted a reprieve.[23]:252–259[28] The Army executed the 38 remaining prisoners by hanging on December 26, 1862, in Mankato, Minnesota. It remains the largest mass execution in American history.

The mass execution was performed publicly on a single scaffold platform. After regimental surgeons pronounced the prisoners dead, they were buried en masse in a trench in the sand of the riverbank. Before they were buried, an unknown person nicknamed "Dr. Sheardown" possibly removed some of the prisoners' skin.[29] Small boxes purportedly containing the skin later were sold in Mankato.

At least two Sioux leaders, Little Six and Medicine Bottle, escaped to Canada. They were captured, drugged, and returned to the United States. They were hanged at Fort Snelling in 1865.[30]

Medical aftermath[edit]

Because of the high demand for cadavers for anatomical study, several doctors wanted to obtain the bodies after the execution. The grave was reopened in the night and the bodies were distributed among the doctors, a practice common in the era. William Worrall Mayo received the body of Maȟpiya Akan Nažiŋ (Stands on Clouds), also known as "Cut Nose".

Mayo brought the body of Maȟpiya Akan Nažiŋ to Le Sueur, Minnesota, where he dissected it in the presence of medical colleagues.[31]:77–78 Afterward, he had the skeleton cleaned, dried and varnished. Mayo kept it in an iron kettle in his home office. His sons received their first lessons in osteology based on this skeleton.[31]:167 In the late 20th century, the identifiable remains of Maȟpiya Akan Nažiŋ and other Indians were returned by the Mayo Clinic to a Dakota tribe for reburial per the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 26th Dec 2018 12:13pm


Boxing Day was officially recognized in Britain as a Bank Holiday. The name originates from the custom of Christmas boxes being given to a lord's serfs and dates back to the middle ages.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 26th Dec 2018 12:14pm


A relief crew arrived at the the lighthouse on the Flannan Isles, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, only to find that the previous crew of three lighthouse keepers had all disappeared without a trace. The mystery has never been resolved, but rumours and myths still abound.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 27th Dec 2018 9:24am

1831 English naturalist Charles Darwin sailed from Plymouth on board his ship, HMS Beagle. His scientific voyage of discovery lasted five years and led to the publication (in 1859) of his highly controversial book The Origin of Species which fuelled the 'creation versus evolution' debate. In recognition of Darwin's outstanding work, he was buried in Westminster Abbey, next to his friend and eminent scientist John Herschel and close to Isaac Newton. Darwin was born in Shrewsbury -

1965 Thirteen people were killed when Britain's first North Sea drilling rig (Sea Gem) capsized

1977 Thousands of people flocked to UK cinemas to watch the long-awaited blockbuster, Star Wars.

1984 Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was voted Woman of the Year, on Radio 4's Today programme. According to a Gallup Poll she was the woman most admired by the American people; the third consecutive year that the 'Iron Lady' had received that honour.

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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 28th Dec 2018 5:59am

Thanks for that granny. Re Mrs Thatcher maybe Therese May will get one if she gets away from the EU successfully.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 28th Dec 2018 11:06am

She might do, but at the moment it seems highly unlikely , dingle !

Handpicked a few more, and was hoping that others might contribute and add any events they can find or know about .

1065 Westminster Abbey was consecrated. Its founder Edward the Confessor could not attend due to illness. He died on 5th January l066 and was buried in a shrine before the High Altar in his new church.

1879 The Tay railway bridge collapsed whilst the Edinburgh to Dundee train was crossing. The original crossing was the longest railway bridge in the world but during the storm the wind was said to have blown the iron girders in the central section away 'like matchwood. The engine and carriages plummeted into the icy river below killing 59 people. In 1979 British Rail commissioned a special train to take people across the new bridge at the exact time of the original accident ....... 19:15 GMT. On 28th December 2013 granite memorials to commemorate the disaster were unveiled on both sides of the river.

1957 The Stanley abattoir in Liverpool (one of Britain's largest) closed down after foot and mouth disease was found in cattle.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 28th Dec 2018 11:12am

Looks as if this is not a good time of year for Sicily !!

On this day in 1908

Worst European earthquake

At dawn, the most destructive earthquake in recorded European history strikes the Straits of Messina in southern Italy, leveling the cities of Messina in Sicily and Reggio di Calabria on the Italian mainland. The earthquake and tsunami it caused killed an estimated 100,000 people.

Sicily and Calabria are known as la terra ballerina–“the dancing land”–for the periodic seismic activity that strikes the region. In 1693, 60,000 people were killed in southern Sicily by an earthquake, and in 1783 most of the Tyrrenian coast of Calabria was razed by a massive earthquake that killed 50,000. The quake of 1908 was particularly costly in terms of human life because it struck at 5:20 a.m. without warning, catching most people at home in bed rather than in the relative safety of the streets or fields.

The main shock, registering an estimated 7.5 magnitude on the Richter scale, caused a devastating tsunami with 40-foot waves that washed over coastal towns and cities. The two major cities on either side of the Messina Straits–Messina and Reggio di Calabria–had some 90 percent of their buildings destroyed. Telegraph lines were cut and railway lines were damaged, hampering relief efforts. To make matters worse, the major quake on the 28th was followed by hundreds of smaller tremors over subsequent days, bringing down many of the remaining buildings and injuring or killing rescuers. On December 30, King Victor Emmanuel III arrived aboard the battleship Napoli to inspect the devastation.

Meanwhile, a steady rain fell on the ruined cities, forcing the dazed and injured survivors, clad only in their nightclothes, to take shelter in caves, grottoes, and impromptu shacks built out of materials salvaged from the collapsed buildings. Veteran sailors could barely recognize the shoreline because long stretches of the coast had sunk several feet into the Messina Strait.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 16th Jan 2019 12:21am

The day before today , on the :

15 January 2019. Prime Minister's Brexit Deal was defeated by 230 votes. 432 'Noes' to the left. 202 ' ayes' to the right. So the Noes had it,... the Noes had it.. !

History in the making. crazy
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 16th Jan 2019 11:39am

460 years ago, on 15 January 1559, Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 8th Feb 2019 11:51pm

Mary, Queen of Scots was executed at Fotheringhay Castle in England on 8 February 1587, after 19 years of imprisonment, when she was found guilty of conspiring with Catholics to plot the assassination of her cousin, Elizabeth I.

Six feet tall , from what someone said the other day.. don't know if it's true or not.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 8th Feb 2019 11:59pm

Brush up on history grin


Not a very pretty woman, but I love the detail in the old paintings.

[Linked Image]
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 10th Feb 2019 2:35pm

Robert the Bruce murdered his leading political rival, John Comyn, in front of the high altar of Greyfriars Church in Dumfries on 10 February 1306, sparking revolution in the Scottish Wars of Independence.


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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 26th Feb 2019 3:41pm

The first official photographic sitting with The Queen after her accession was granted to the society photographer Dorothy Wilding. It took place on 26 February 1952, just 20 days after she became Queen. A total of 59 photos were taken by Wilding, showing The Queen dressed in a variety of gowns designed by Norman Hartnell and wearing jewellery including the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara.

The images taken during this sitting were the basis of The Queen's image on postage stamps from 1953 until 1971, as well as providing the first official portrait of The Queen, which was sent to every British Embassy in the world

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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 26th Feb 2019 3:51pm

1616 : Galileo Galilei is formally banned by the Roman Catholic Church from teaching or defending the view that the earth orbits the sun.

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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 26th Feb 2019 3:56pm

1914: HMHS Britannic, sister to the RMS Titanic, is launched at Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast.

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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 27th Feb 2019 12:40am

1900 : The British Labour Party is founded.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 21st Mar 2019 8:11am

A day late.

On 20th March 1345 (allegedly)

According to scholars at the University of Paris, the Black Death is created on this day in 1345, from what they call “a triple conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the 40th degree of Aquarius, occurring on the 20th of March 1345″. The Black Death, also known as the Plague, swept across Europe, the Middle East and Asia during the 14th century, leaving an estimated 25 million dead in its wake.

Read on. Very interesting.

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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 29th Mar 2019 5:50pm

We should have been leaving the EU today at 11pm . History in the making.. because we aren't leaving today. Democracy being overridden .

One lady from Russia, interviewed on Sky, said we should leave EU now , as she can see the EU moving closer and closer to what she left behind in Russia.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 29th Mar 2019 6:08pm

Yes, I think most people that voted leave voted to leave EU jurisdiction for which there has been little credence. The remoaners insist the Brexiteers voted for something else.

Well the Euro and the Dollar are in trouble now, interesting times ahead for the whole world, empires always break down eventually.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 29th Mar 2019 9:48pm

When, on 29 March 1912, Captain Robert Falcon Scott wrote his last exhortation, ‘For God’s sake look after our people’, two members of his Polar Party, ‘Titus’ Oates and ‘Taff’ Evans, were already dead, and Scott, ‘Doc’ Wilson and ‘Birdie’ Bowers had just a few hours left to live.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 30th Mar 2019 12:11am

If only!

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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 30th Mar 2019 12:32am

thumbsup Good idea.

Parliament off for another vote laugh

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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 30th Mar 2019 8:09am

And here are the media ...

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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 14th Apr 2019 2:54pm

14th April - 15th April

107 yrs ago today, the Titanic sunk.
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Re: On This Day in HIstory - 18th Apr 2019 5:19pm

1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire kills nearly 4,000 while destroying 75% of the city
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