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Posted By: BandyCoot

Tradesmen? - 27th Sep 2018 10:31am

Where have all the tradesmen gone? Getting fed up with the standard of services. First one, roof probs and deffo had to be repaired. Got a roofer in, did the job (I hope) and they charged me for scaffolding, quite expensive, which they didn't even put up. The roof held up to now but that's still robbery, that's Wallasey out the picture next time. Another roofer this week to pre-empt any probs on a flat roof, Leaky gutter had to be redone because it was sealed when it was well forecasted to rain and it did. Quite, quite pricey. Bust my down spout and "fixed" with bodge tape and had to get him back in. Knocked down two flower holder brackets and now have to wait and see if the replacement flat roof holds out when the weather comes a knocking. B&Q "kitchen consultant", a bag of nails, B&Q kitchen staff put down wrong stuff, too much stuff, which caused problems during refit. Had to get snags sorted out from the actual build, my fault apparently for not checking when he finished, I was out at the time. Last 411 form NB to Bhead ran early on Monday and had to get a taxi back home. Last bus that's early may as well not be on. Depot chap said that there is not a time check point until Seacombe Ferry, well that's handy seeing as there's no ferries there anymore. I'm losing the plot a bit and so is my bank account. It's a hard loif.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Tradesmen? - 27th Sep 2018 10:32pm

think the problem is that many people needing to try and earn some money think they can have a go at some trades that pay well. At a push i could replace a couple of slates (not that i would) but wouldnt dream of trying to lay bricks or plaster. have also done a few small paint jobs that usual decorators dont want.
Posted By: Snodvan

Re: Tradesmen? - 28th Sep 2018 11:39am

Totally agree Bandy.
My disability means I lack the flexibility and strength to do many small household jobs that used to be easy-peasy.

Just at the moment I need a brickie who can take down a garden wall gatepost/ bit of wall and rebuild it on a sitable foundation about a yard away - to make the gateway wider

I would then ask the same person to take down / rebuild 12ft x 10 courses of a different garden wall section

Plumber - to take out an ugly-looking (yellow) toilet and replace it with a new white one.
Same person could be asked to fit a new over-sink kitchen mixer tap that Mrs has bought

Inquires have usually been met with "job too small" response

Posted By: saltytom

Re: Tradesmen? - 28th Sep 2018 12:40pm

I did a proper joinery apprenticeship. 4 years and college apart from Gas fitters ( gas safe ) and Electricians ( NIC or napit ) nobody has a recognised qualification either self taught or just chancers, one problem is people want a man / women to do there job today they therefore risk getting a cowboy.

Anyone who is good needs booking in weeks or months I had a client who waited 2 years for me to redo her bathroom I am booked in to do a kitchen and bathroom next year.

I am trying to retire but there is no chance when my phone never stops, the plasterers who sub to me charge £200 a day plumbers/gas safe want £250 to £300 they are at the top of there game but again booked in months in advance.

I have never been asked to provide my liability insurance and yet am allowed into your home to heat pipework etc all that could lead to claims. People want cheap and they want it now. I have posted on here at length on the pitfalls of so called tradesmen.

Snod I live across the road from you blue van let me know if I can help they are not big jobs and I could get you a brickie.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Tradesmen? - 28th Sep 2018 8:36pm

Originally Posted by saltytom
I did a proper joinery apprenticeship. 4 years and college

When I was a trade apprentice it was one and a half days in college and four days in work, these days it is usually 50/50 with two and a half days in college and two and a half days in work, they have made it too academic, a trade apprenticeship should be about the trade.
Posted By: Excoriator

Re: Tradesmen? - 28th Sep 2018 9:44pm

I think DD has something here.

A friend of one of my daughter's years back wanted to be a hairdresser. From all evidence, she was very good at it and did my daughter's hair and other friends hair to their evident satisfaction or delight. To get qualified, however, she had to attend a course and pass an exam. Much of her homework was ridiculously overblown and involved calculations of pH levels and the like.

She struggled with it, and so did I helping her. Although I'd done 'A' level chemistry and got an 'A' in it, this was years ago. There is a certain safety aspect involve of course, but I think it unlikely that she would have rinsed someone's hair with conc. sulphuric acid, because this is generally not found in hairdresser's establishments.

She made it in the end, just, but it could have easily gone the other way and someone with a small but very important ambition to her, could have been denied a career simply due to her inability to jump through a load of academic hoops that were clearly included because they were teachable and would swell a course rather than being of real use to her.

Interestingly, in her course material, I came across a number of glaring chemical solecisms and errors. I won't name the college or the tutor but had I met him I would have very happily rubbed his nose in them, good and proper.
Posted By: ShySusie

Re: Tradesmen? - 30th Sep 2018 9:46am

I am a bit funny about having strange men at home. When I lived in Essex I called a plumbing firm and said 'Do you have a female plumber?' and the guy said 'Yes, what's the problem with the female's plumbing?' . Very smart.
Posted By: BandyCoot

Re: Tradesmen? - 1st Oct 2018 9:45am

Comforting to know that I'm not the only one then, that's a relief. Word of warning, just because the bloke has a smashing van with his name all over it doesn't mean he's good at the job. To be honest I took him on recommendation, that'll teach me. Thanks for sharing your horror tales too.
Posted By: Snodvan

Re: Tradesmen? - 2nd Oct 2018 7:10pm

Originally Posted by saltytom

Snod I live across the road from you blue van let me know if I can help they are not big jobs and I could get you a brickie.

I know the van
PM sent
Posted By: ShySusie

Re: Tradesmen? - 3rd Oct 2018 8:01am

I believe there is a thing called a Plumber's Tool and if you can get your hands on one most jobs are easily sorted out.
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