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How does this affect you?

Posted By: venice

How does this affect you? - 23rd Sep 2016 10:18am

Came across this video on FB a couple of days ago. Did anyone feel like I did -- spellbound but uncomfortable ? Maybe Im being too sensitive and reading too much into it , but it worried me about what the children might have had to go through, to reach such unbelievable perfection for their tender ages (every note, inflexion, movement etc) - especially as we know how harsh the Chinese can be in their quest for their children to excel at things .

(It felt the same as I might feel about recognizing the stunning beauty of a fabulous and styled real fur coat on someone , whilst at the same time being outranged and condemning fur wearing because of the cruelty I know it involves.)

Any comments on the video ?

Posted By: cools

Re: How does this affect you? - 23rd Sep 2016 11:26am

It's worse when you see these kids on Britains got talent and they're in floods of tears if they get it wrong or rejected. Think there should be a strict age before you start there is a lot of pushy parents about. Kids growing up far too early these days losing all their innocence. Lovely voices btw but too young yet...
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: How does this affect you? - 23rd Sep 2016 5:23pm

The lad comes from Canada and the girl from Hong Kong.

If you have genuinely talented kids its a difficult decision, set them up for life at an early age so they can retire extremely early and enjoy life ..... or not?

Parents putting kids in competitions where they stand a risk of being decimated, that's another story.
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