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Boat Folk

Posted By: Moonstar

Boat Folk - 16th Jun 2020 8:26am

How much longer are the French going to be permitted to shepherd over here anyone floating on anything in the Channel?
Posted By: mikeeb

Re: Boat Folk - 16th Jun 2020 12:27pm

It is easier for the French to just let them pass through rather than deal with the problem themselves.
As the saying goes, 'A problem shared is a problem halved'
Posted By: snowhite

Re: Boat Folk - 16th Jun 2020 5:07pm

Invaders are coming into Dover every day now with the help from the French navy .Pritti Patel not taking serious action either.
I think thats what you mean @Moonstar
Posted By: Moonstar

Re: Boat Folk - 17th Jun 2020 1:08pm

Yes, Snowhite, I am not against immigration but we don't know who these folk are? And over the years we have no idea how many there are. I don't travel, but I do wonder if other countries are so careless with their borders.
Posted By: snowhite

Re: Boat Folk - 17th Jun 2020 2:33pm

Moonstar.They are coming in everyday now at Dover .Most are all young males and from the middle east and [am i allowed to say this]from Islamic Faith!

Why are we not helping out the South African farmers ,Help them to re-settle here in the Uk .
Posted By: mikeeb

Re: Boat Folk - 17th Jun 2020 5:13pm

Mass immigration is on the up worldwide and most from the Middle East and North Africa want to get to the UK at all costs. I do despair with this country sometimes.
Posted By: granny

Re: Boat Folk - 18th Jun 2020 8:27am

I think those in the ME are trying to escape the poverty the bloody battles that have enveloped their countries , initiated by Western Government's purely and simply for oil and resources. . We can't have it all ways, and need reflection before UK, US or EU start any more trouble.
EU have been incensed that UK will stop free movement, at the same time Poland and Hungary refuse to take any Muslims. I think if EU want to re-distribute migrants, they will make it policy for all member states to take their fare share. It has been mentioned and it will happen.
We now have a number of Hongkongers waiting in the wings too.

I'm amazed at the population growth in this country over the last 20 yrs. In 1990 57 million, in 2000, 58 million , in 2020 68 million .
Posted By: granny

Re: Boat Folk - 18th Jun 2020 11:00am

..and then there's another side we should be aware of.


..and why they are fleeing Nigeria. Unfolding genocide of ISIS murdering Christians and burning down churches. 500 churches to date, and some 6000 Christians since 2015, 1000 last year many of whom were farmers .

Were can people escape to ?
Posted By: Excoriator

Re: Boat Folk - 18th Jun 2020 1:25pm

We may well be seeing Brits fleeing Britain before long! Best to allow traffic in both directioons!
Posted By: granny

Re: Boat Folk - 18th Jun 2020 2:47pm

It seem that Hungary have been ruled against by the EU. today.

Apparently, EU core agreements say that free movement of money applies to all EU member states. That's the crux ! Because George Soros funds various charities and NGO's in Hungary for the purpose of refugees, it means it has to be used for refugees. Therefore, I assume ,Hungary will now be obliged to take refugees.

I think that's what is all means, and if correct then EU will get you every which way.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Boat Folk - 18th Jun 2020 8:55pm

The ruling had nothing to do with refugees and in my mind goes against common sense.

Hungary wanted Hungarian NGO's that were funded from abroad to be open about where the funding came from, the EU disagreed and said the NGO's do not have to declare how they are funded.
Posted By: granny

Re: Boat Folk - 19th Jun 2020 2:34am

If not refugees, migrants ?

Posted By: granny

Re: Boat Folk - 19th Jun 2020 4:23am

That didn't work !

Viktor Orban and the 'Soros network'

The Hungarian government had said that restrictions on NGO funding from abroad vets the "Soros network" - companies that receive funding from the Open Society Foundations of billionaire George Soros.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has accused Soros of seeking to influence Hungarian politics.

In a statement to Euronews, Budapest said they stand by the Act on the Transparency of Organisations Financed from Abroad, because it "serves the interest of Hungary’s security".

The Hungarian government also said the legislation "increases the transparency of pro-immigration Soros organisations financed from abroad".

"The Soros network is mobilising billions of forints in order to implement the Soros plan throughout the whole of Europe, and in order to turn Hungary into an immigrant country."
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