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Mosque Attack, New Zealand

Posted By: granny

Mosque Attack, New Zealand - 15th Mar 2019 8:09am

This is a huge shock to wake up to.. would never have expected this in NZ.

Shooting at two mosques in Christchurch ,New Zealand. Over 40 dead.


BBC coverage. Figures of fatalities rising

Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Mosque Attack, New Zealand - 15th Mar 2019 12:46pm

There has been a lot of racial tension in New Zealand for many years much the same as parts of Australia, while laws have changed in recent times, attitudes haven't. There aren't many multicultural societies in the world where there aren't associated tensions. Rapid rises in any specific ethnicity often trigger things off. Immigration and discrimination against Muslims is relatively new but there has been plenty of practice against Asians and Maoris.

Up to 1987 the immigration policy was based on country of origin which I think was end of the last official racial discrimination.

We tend to only see the advertising trying to attract the skilled immigrants they want, as with other countries there are always darker sides as well.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Mosque Attack, New Zealand - 15th Mar 2019 12:52pm

Terrible thing to happen and to live stream it as well.. Was getting annoyed at BBC 5 live presenters interviewing so called experts in far right extremism trying hard to get a connection with the right wing in this country. Interestingly though the only group that got mentioned by name was not BNP, EDL or Britain First but actually the Conservatives. LOL. Commentators were saying that extreme right wing white supremacy action (which thankfully is not too common) just fuels the Islamic terrorism and vice versa. Whilst i would agree a little with that i cant help think its more are countries meddling in Islamic countries bombing and killing the guilty and the innocent.
Posted By: _Ste_

Re: Mosque Attack, New Zealand - 17th Mar 2019 3:22am

Interested to know why the NZ government are dishing out 14 years in prison for sharing the video &/or the manifesto, 10 years for possesing it & a $400,000 fine to any isp that allows it to be distributed.
Youtube have apparently blocked searches relating to it from their site & various other sites were on lockdown.
Why the big coverup?
Don't come out with "It spreads hatred" or "it's bad for the families", so was 9/11.
Posted By: casper

Re: Mosque Attack, New Zealand - 17th Mar 2019 9:25am

Just wondering why we have our much depleted police force patrolling Mosques here, it would be fair to say that Churches here are at the same level of a terrorist threat if any retaliation were to take place, and based on past history the threat is more likely to come from the Muslim enclave.
Posted By: granny

Re: Mosque Attack, New Zealand - 17th Mar 2019 10:57am

The Synagogues also have police protection. Basically, it could be seen the ME problems aka Jewish and Muslim issues are about raise their profile here too.
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