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Only in UK

Posted By: Snodvan

Only in UK - 19th Jan 2019 1:57pm

A TV news item last night and today is about a raid on a place in Warrington involved in drug and guns supply. TV Pics show the police smahing in the door of the house and charging in with appropriate "Police, Police" shouting.

I had to laugh when the last officer went into the house - He wiped his feet on the doormat as he went in. Obviously very well trained by his mum or Mrs.
Well done
Could only happen in UK

Posted By: Greenwood

Re: Only in UK - 19th Jan 2019 5:16pm

Oh bless, I missed that! How very English...
Posted By: granny

Re: Only in UK - 20th Jan 2019 10:29pm

Did he knock before they went in ?
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