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Brexit... again. Yawn !

Posted By: granny

Brexit... again. Yawn ! - 24th Jul 2018 4:34pm

Theresa would appear to be arranging her own suicide. I'm not sure how accurate this is so, we may have to wait and see.


The Prime Minister is set to cause controversy with her changes to the governments negotiating stance with Brussels.

In a statement to the House of Commons today, Theresa May has announced she is taking formal charge of Brexit negotiations with the EU.

Newly appointed Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab will not have a frontline position negotiating with the EU, despite being a Brexiteer

The Prime Minister, who supported the remain campaign will now be the leading front in the Brexit talks and will give greater power to Olly Robbins, who is eyed with suspicion by Brexiteers.

Raab will only lead the Brexit talks if Mrs May is not present.

May released a statement, which can be seen below

Remain supporters leading the Brexit talks is not what Brexiteers want to see and we can only assume that major concessions will be made.

Without Boris Johnson and David Davis applying pressure to the cabinet, there is a high risk that Mrs May will get the soft Brexit she has deep down always desired
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Brexit... again. Yawn ! - 24th Jul 2018 4:58pm

Reading between the lines .... a deal has been done behind closed doors, May wants to take take all the credit sometime in the future.

Its bound to backfire, either she's given everything away to EU in which case she risks being hung drawn and quartered or Barnier going to block it sometime anyway.

Or .... maybe she's going to do a Cameron, "I've tried everything I can and the EU won't budge, are you sure we don't want a referendum?)
Posted By: granny

Re: Brexit... again. Yawn ! - 24th Jul 2018 5:38pm

As Jacob Rees Mogg says, we've already had 3 votes.

1) A vote when David Cameron proposed a referendum

2) The Referendum

3) A general election when both (known) parties said they would respect the result.
Posted By: granny

Re: Brexit... again. Yawn ! - 8th Sep 2018 10:34am

What's a Canada-style free trade deal ?


Earlier this week, arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg said that he and the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, agreed that the Chequers plan "is absolute rubbish and that we should chuck it and what we should have is a Canada-style free trade deal”.
Posted By: svenlock68

Re: Brexit... again. Yawn ! - 12th Sep 2018 6:26pm

Yet again as ive said on here alot ....... watch david noakes "end the eu dictatorship " file on yt.
He saw it all 8 yrs ago.
Theres a new one called " gerard batten sorts brexit in 5 mins" simple plain logic.
Posted By: granny

Re: Brexit... again. Yawn ! - 13th Sep 2018 10:49am

I think we are all beginning to see the EU for what it really is . We can also see the wheels beginning to fall off the crumbling cart.

This issues about Hungary and the migrants, becoming another story of threats, but the Polish weren't threatened when they refused the same. Of course Donald Tusk, President of the European Council is Polish.

A crooked bunch of con-merchants, BUT I have to say that they too are guided by those behind the scenes who never show their crumpled faces.
Nasty people who connive to move closer to control and the New World Order. Nasty people who seem to think that they can destroy those of no importance to them. Nasty people who are hell bent on the NWO. Nasty people who think religions and cultures should be disposed of for the benefit of all. Nasty people who take away any pride and brainwash the masses. Nasty people who create wars and are happy to keep wars going until they get the end result they wanted in the first place, despite the deaths of millions or to quote Bush 'collateral damage' !

We now see an EU Military Force being set up, something they downright denied was to happen less than a couple of years ago, but these things don't happen overnight and so it was in the pipeline as Farage originally said.

I don't understand why all this animosity , defence and scurrilous ideas are being brought into the fore again throughout the EU. Thatcher and Reagan manage to bring an end to the Cold War, Trump, Macron and May would appear to be reigniting as hard as they can . Why ?
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