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The Lovely Gina

Posted By: granny

The Lovely Gina - 6th Mar 2017 10:38pm

That bloody woman is at it again somad ....I wish she and that Fish woman would go and live somewhere else, far, far away.


Posted By: jeffrey

Re: The Lovely Gina - 8th Mar 2017 6:06pm

Who? grin
Posted By: granny

Re: The Lovely Gina - 9th Mar 2017 12:45am

THAT Woman laugh
Posted By: fish5133

Re: The Lovely Gina - 9th Mar 2017 7:07pm

Originally Posted by granny

THAT Woman laugh

Wasn't that how Bill Clinton described Monica Lewinsky.
"I did not have sex with THAT woman" I think was the quote. Another politician playing "sementrics" with the word "sex"
Posted By: granny

Re: The Lovely Gina - 10th Mar 2017 12:42pm

Yes, he did. It is clever, when we now think about it. Maybe we are getting used to their tricks that can't trick us anymore.

I see Richard Dawkins is putting his 4penneth in now too. If they hadn't chopped it around so much, we could even be conditioned into listening to it. Surely must come under the heading of 'Fake News'

It's about time all the high status Brexit supporters banded together and squashed these trouble makers, as I'm sure they are just spokes people for the likes of Tony Blair and John Major. They are all up to their little games, and neither Tony of John would have suddenly gone quiet on this, so I see it as they are beavering away behind closed doors and using others as tools. Of course both Gina Miller and Dawkins are the biggest 'tools' anyway.

Posted By: cools

Re: The Lovely Gina - 13th Mar 2017 11:46am

Hope that Sturgeon has another ballot and falls flat on her face!! She really doesn't want to be part of UK and I think she's full of her own importance, as I say a Megalomaniac. Fish Face is right Granny,ha.
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