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Nuns Abused Children in Care Homes.

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Nuns Abused Children in Care Homes. - 20th Jan 2017 12:13pm

Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: Nuns abused children in care homes

Nuns at Catholic-run care homes in Northern Ireland engaged in physical and emotional abuse of children in their care, a report has found.

The details were outlined by the judge who compiled a major report into historical institutional child abuse in Northern Ireland.

Sir Anthony Hart said there were also instances of sexual abuse at the homes carried out by priests and lay people.

The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) was set up in 2012.

It looked into allegations of child abuse in 22 children's homes and other residential institutions between 1922 to 1995.

Sir Anthony said the largest number of complaints received by the inquiry related to four Sisters of Nazareth homes.

He said it was not uncommon for children at the homes to have Jeyes Fluid, a brand of disinfectant put in their baths.

Many of these incidents relating to sexual abuse were known to a member of the clergy who did nothing to stop them.

The HIA heard evidence from hundreds of people who spent their childhood in residential homes and institutions.

Whatever their reasons for being in care, the system let countless children down.

The public hearings, over two-and-a-half years, bore witness to accounts of grim and sometimes gruesome abuse, cruelty and neglect.

The sexual, physical and emotional abuse was perpetrated by individual men and women working in the homes and institutions.

It was also inflicted by visitors and, in many cases, children inflicted sexual, physical and emotional abuse on each other while in care.

Hearings were held into 22 of the institutions - facilities run by the state, local authorities, the Catholic Church, the Church of Ireland, and Barnardo's.

A total of 493 applicants engaged with the inquiry, in one form or another, and while the majority were seen in Belfast, others were seen in Londonderry, the Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Australia.

NI victims recall the impact of abuse

"They had sex with me every night and every morning," recalls Kevin who was a resident at Rubane House in Kircubbin, County Down.

His abuse was perpetrated by Christian Brothers and other boys in the home. He was also subjected to physical violence.

Kevin was not able to give evidence in person at the inquiry. Instead, he was interviewed by the inquiry team at his care home.

Sir Anthony is also expected to deal with a number of issues including apologies, a memorial, redress and compensation.

Some of those who gave evidence to the inquiry have travelled to Belfast from different parts of Northern Ireland to hear his conclusions.

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Re: Nuns Abused Children in Care Homes. - 20th Jan 2017 1:26pm

Blind kids in Liverpool homes were on Radio Merseyside the other day saying they were abused (physical). Surprised the radio station named the now dead Nun (unless she had been previously convicted).

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