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Scandal of hospital car parking charges

Posted By: Mark

Scandal of hospital car parking charges - 21st Dec 2015 10:05pm

Car park charges at hospitals have been blasted as “a tax on sick people” by a patients’ group.

The criticism comes in response to figures showing the fees bring in around £200million a year in England.

Some hospital trusts are tied into lengthy deals meaning most or all of the revenue goes to private firms.

Bereaved relatives, cancer patients, the disabled, and even nurses are among those who have to stump up for parking.

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said: “It is a tax on sick people who sometimes struggle to pay.

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust £2.57 million

Posted By: fish5133

Re: Scandal of hospital car parking charges - 27th Dec 2015 11:06am

Over last couple of years a family member was hospitalised on several occasions for several weeks. My wife visited twice daily and it was costing her around £40 a week to park ..a kick in the teeth especially when only on carers allowance. Managed to find a place to park for nothing on occasions which did help but you were looking over your shoulder in case of enforcement officers. Think it was £3.50 a visit. Just becomes an added financial stress when your already worried sick about your loved ones health. Think some of the staff have to pay to park in some hospitals.
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