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Speedo Mick

Posted By: granny

Speedo Mick - 25th Dec 2019 11:12pm

Anyone following Speedo Mick ?


Having his Xmas dinner.



Posted By: fish5133

Re: Speedo Mick - 4th Jan 2020 12:43am

crossed the border ..now in good ol blighty. seems as mad as the proverbial. surprised MSM not covered it. (or have they)
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Speedo Mick - 19th Feb 2020 6:43pm

Speedo Mick is on track to exceed raising quarter of a million on his 1000 mile walk, absolute legend, should be well up the honours list.

His original target was £50k!

No support team following him around, mostly walking on his tod in this weather, amazing. He's been at the Eden Project today, having a bit of fun.

Posted By: Gibbo

Re: Speedo Mick - 20th Feb 2020 9:42am

He's a great guy, reminds me of this character:

Posted By: granny

Re: Speedo Mick - 21st Feb 2020 11:28pm

£279,000 and counting. Amazing ! He deserves every penny in his pot.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Speedo Mick - 22nd Feb 2020 6:37pm

No way, its now £321,591 and rising fast. Has he been on TV?
Posted By: cools

Re: Speedo Mick - 22nd Feb 2020 6:51pm

He was in Granada reports last night , a really funny compilation of the places and people he met all speeded up dancing about with everybody, he’s done excellent .
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