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Stanley School Sackings

Posted By: diggingdeeper

Stanley School Sackings - 18th Sep 2019 12:54am

The Head, Deputy Head and one other have been sacked from Stanley (special needs) School in an absolutely disgusting case. Yet again the Council appeared to have tried to cover things up and Merseyside Police appear to have been less than helpful.

Watch the video for some insight as to what has gone on.

Posted By: granny

Re: Stanley School Sackings - 18th Sep 2019 7:30am

Appalling ! Councils seem to hold a lot of secrets and have a way of shutting people up and protecting their own. This time it's backfired, so well done to the mother of Levi.

My daughter had a big issue with her council in a different area. She knew how to deal with it, due to her professional training, and pushed until she got them to admit their own faults. A very stressful time, and ironically ,the person responsible left before any official retribution was handed down . Daughter had to get ACAS involved, who were extremely good and helpful but it's a hard slog and daughter was just as concerned for those people with grievances who never got heard or knew about how to resolve a complaint against an official body of people or organisation.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Stanley School Sackings - 18th Sep 2019 9:38pm

Apparently they are not sacked but suspended by the School's Governors at the moment.



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