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Fire Conway Street

Posted By: diggingdeeper

Fire Conway Street - 24th Apr 2019 9:50pm

Big fire at one of the disused nightclubs on Conway Street.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Fire Conway Street - 25th Apr 2019 10:10pm

and amazingly being demolished the very next morning before any fire investigation
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Fire Conway Street - 26th Apr 2019 11:48am

Yes, they were taking the back of the building down yesterday, today the front of the building is down to single story.

If a building is unsafe and especially if it is likely to cause damage to other properties or business they are brought down straight away. The inspectors won't go inside an unsafe structure, the seat of the fire will be known and a check for any accelerants will have been done.

Its up to the insurance company to decide what happens next, no point in wasting public money thoroughly investigating something which would probably be inconclusive anyway, a large property with a major fire and roof collapse can leave little real evidence behind unless there are obvious remains.
Posted By: Excoriator

Re: Fire Conway Street - 27th Apr 2019 1:25pm

Accelerants - particularly petrol - are surprisingly easy to detect, even after a major fire, by smell! I wouldn't have thought this would survive a fire, but apparently it does.

Although, a week or two ago I wanted a gallon of petrol to make some two stroke oil and managed to spill some on the outside of the container. I put it into my hatchback without thinking, and a the smell of petrol is still very apparent weeks after.

(Note to arsonists: Use diesel. its harder to detect but also much safer. You are likely to blow yourself up using petrol.)
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