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Posted By: cools

Stabbing - 16th Mar 2019 9:38pm

What's the answer to these senseless stabbings going on!! A boy been stabbed by The Kings Pub , Bebington tonight...Just horrible doesn't seem to be anything to make these kids think twice about carrying a knife no punishment strong enough .
Posted By: cools

Re: Stabbing - 16th Mar 2019 9:54pm

Apparently 19 so not really a boy as I stated
Posted By: granny

Re: Stabbing - 16th Mar 2019 10:41pm

I believe all the media hype encourages some of the crimes committed by the feral kids who want to be part of the drama and do a bit of bragging . 19 is still young, and it should not happen to anyone. I consider it to be terrorism and should be treated as such. If the victim was Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist , black , Chinese or any other minority group it would be considered a terrorist or racist attack and punished accordingly.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Stabbing - 17th Mar 2019 12:48am

wouldnt surprise me if there is some sick game out there that encourages people to do these things. That MOMO things was advocating dangerous things to do.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Stabbing - 17th Mar 2019 1:45am

Originally Posted by fish5133
That MOMO things was advocating dangerous things to do.

The MOMO thing was a complete hoax which exposed the media sensationalism, there were no victims, the challenges didn't exist.
Posted By: BultacoAstro

Re: Stabbing - 24th Mar 2019 11:21am

The prisons are full to bursting.Staff had enough of abuse and violence and the system broke.We need 8 super prisons all for different prisoners and more pay for staff for doing a job you would run from.They carry tools so prosecution will have hard job convincing jury off there guilt.I say harm a citizen with a deadly weapon 20 years NO parole how many then would carry
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