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18 Rock Park

Posted By: Excoriator

18 Rock Park - 13th Dec 2016 10:49am

Walking the dog this morning, I was pleased to see that work has again started on this unfortunate site.

The building had failed as a care home and had been abused by local boozers and addicts etc. until a few years back it was bought by someone who was intent on turning it into six flats. I watched the progress of this, and it seemed to be going well. It was reroofed, and work on the interior was well advanced. They were waiting for the window frames to arrive, when some nut-case torched it, and the whole lot went up in flames!

It remained as a ruin and was sold, and it appears that work has again started on it. There is no new planning application except for the erection of a hoarding at the site so I guess the original plans are the ones that will be followed.

It will be good to see this old building living again. I wish them luck with it, but I suspect a great deal of structural work will be needed in order to make it safe. It really was very badly damaged. I am delighted that it has not been simply demolished and replaced with a 'modern' building which would have been utterly out of place there.
Posted By: lansyp

Re: 18 Rock Park - 13th Dec 2016 2:24pm

It was the council who where doing the last refurbishment and it was they who set it on fire accidently they where still wor king when it caught light
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