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Debate: Speed Limits

Posted By: Anonymous

Debate: Speed Limits - 15th Jun 2004 10:48am

Has any1 got any views on the pathetic way speed limits are set. There are some pleces which do baffle by being 30mph in an unbuilt up area on a long straight road!! Does anybody know the lunacy law about how these are set? There are ovbious ones around schools, dual carriage ways and motorways but its the odd ones im interested in.
Posted By: Towny

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 16th Jun 2004 8:15am

chester high toad!!! sum woman moaned for months as her son was killed there thats why its a forty there! woud be sweet to see autobahns in this country!!!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 16th Jun 2004 10:47am

good point man, especially the massive strip comin towards the BP garage from heswall!!
Posted By: The Russian M5 340bhp

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 16th Jun 2004 11:31am

Speed Limits, What are they then??
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 16th Jun 2004 1:58pm

heard that there wer guys out with speed guns on chester high road last night actually boys!, russians, dont they overtake funeral cars at ridiculous speeds?
Posted By: Kel

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 17th Jun 2004 9:45am

Unfortunately for us, most speed limits were set in the 1960's. I agree there are some roads which do have stupid limits - it's possible there were hazards at some point but they have since been demolished or something.

I recon most limits should be re-assessed. Think of the progress made with cars themselves and braking distances and how much they have been reduced since the 60's.

Motorway driving especially - limit should be raised. Studies have proven that people concentrate more and accidents are reduced at higher speeds!

But hey, it's not like our government will get off their fat bums and do anything. They seem intent in trying to keep us off the roads..
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 17th Jun 2004 10:12am

talking of driving fast, anybody have any races with people on there way to work this mornin, sum dude with really bad sideburns in a micra tried to jump me at the lights,i reckon he thought he won but i decided it was worth it to burn sum petrol faster than normalso i floored it n smoked this guy!
Just like to say...he started it!

oh the joy!
Posted By: jimbo4x4

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 17th Jun 2004 1:01pm

Was it a blue one? He's a proper d**k. Seen him in Neston before.

And yeah, the 40 limit on the chester high road from Neston to Gayton roundabout is stupid, should be de-restricted IMO, or at least a 50/60. It's rare that i see someone keeping to the limit along there anyway! Motorway limits could be set higher too.

Anyone heard anything about this trial of taking away all road signs, markings, and speed limits? I reckon that's a great idea - Wales is full of roads with no markings and 60 limits, and it does make you loads more aware of your surroundings. This way it'd only be the dangerous drivers who get pulled too.

Of course, we'd still need markings on motorways with 3 or more lanes to keep the lane discipline, but otherwise I'm all for it.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 17th Jun 2004 1:10pm

yeh it was blue, probably was him like, it was on the chester high road!i disagree bout upping the limit. trying to pull out of lees lane on to the chester high road is such a difficulty unless somebody is going to turn down lees lane, i think they got it right there!if not turn it to 30!but obviously i would say that considerin i use it most mornins!hehe

thanx for the electrics tip btw jimbo
Posted By: Kel

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 17th Jun 2004 3:36pm

Jimbo4x4, see where youre coming from, but lets be honest - most drivers on our roads are fecking idiots. I HATE women drivers. I am one myself - but take pride in the knowledge I can actually drive. Imagine if the lines on the roads weren't actually there!!

Disaster i tell you..
Posted By: Sarah

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 17th Jun 2004 4:48pm

Yeah, i notice some 30mph limits round where it ain't built up. Think some place's need to be reviewed, think some of them might be from people gettin killed.

But as you all know signs, bumps & camera's still don't stop people speeding.
Posted By: sted

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 19th Jun 2004 5:05pm

ya i agree there is a road by mine and its only a 30 but there are no house anywere near it and no crossings or anythin wats the point i have never been down there and seen anyone doin 30 exept learners
Posted By: dj_russell_plays_trance

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 21st Jun 2004 9:10pm

u lot wanna go on the toll road in birmingham, ive been 130mph down there, round by me they street race through the toll road. cause the police even have to pay so u dont c many on there or cameras.
Posted By: Mark

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 21st Jun 2004 10:07pm

wasnt that the road the top bobby of Traffic Division got done doing 110mph and got off with a fine ?

He was caught by a unmarked police car!
Posted By: Crevis

Re: Debate: Speed Limits - 21st Jun 2004 10:23pm

thats stupid it just shows you how the police can get away with anythink nowdays, if that would of been anyone else they probably would of got more than just a fine mad
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