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Bultaco pursang

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Bultaco pursang - 13th Mar 2019 12:43pm

Looking for parts for a Bultaco Pursang non runners ,unfinished projects.I need a Pursang exhaust mark 6 or 9 or close to modify if need be.So if have parts unwanted any model will buy if cheap getting old and want to build a Bultaco flat track before legs go have some parts mix and match.Send me your offer and model Thank you
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Re: Bultaco pursang - 17th May 2019 9:00am

Hi update bought 2 Pursang exhausts from States Unfortunately wrong ones but wanted anyway so looking for Pursang engines or mark 6 exhaust for model 101. Never thought collecting parts would be so much work for a Motorcross Thanks

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 4th Jun 2019 9:49am

Hi update bought a Bultaco Go Kart engine one of the Pursang exhausts fits but need a Pursang engine as really don't need more mix and match as got Frontera forks and other bits not correct Wish bought a few Honda red rockets in 80s and stored with the price they are.I ask a seller see if could pick me up a Astro engine and frame next in Spain but won't count on it .When I was a teen a lot of us had Motocross bikes seems they wear all sold off on the Wirral now. Love vintage the old 2 stroke bikes now looking at modern bikes need a science degree to fix one

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 4th Jun 2019 6:48pm

Picture of Pursang frame building if have any parts to sell or bikes as need lots Thanks

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 20th Jun 2019 2:41pm

Update Pursang engine 175 model 101 Don't see this model much usually in America and cost money to send parts over .If have parts for the model 101 mark 6 message me please so can finish Thanks

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 5th Jul 2019 9:23am

Update If anyone has a Bultaco Pursang and wants to swap for 2 Bultaco Trial bikes have marching vins both and have some parts for them. Not for sale as really don't want to sell them just swap for a Pursang since none around to buy Thanks

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 18th Aug 2019 9:19am

Hi update just purchased Pursang Mark 6 has 103 engine in a 125 frame Unfortunately no piston or rings and other parts missing. Also picked up a Pursang mark 5 engine casing and side casing for the mark 5 frame.Just came out of hospital when get strength back will have to build engines. If anyone has a mark 6 exhaust to sell would be interested Thanks

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 27th Aug 2019 7:48am

Hi update just took delivery of a Bultaco Pursang 250
Its a Mark 4 model 68 with boat seat. Have original side casing for it in one of box's.This will be stored with the Sherpas and Pursang as need to concentrate on one bike as Mrs going nuts with my hobby as bike bits everywhere in house and been told to clean house to put in shed. So much thoe and tiny shed waiting for Brexit to see if house prices take a hit so can move hopefully one with big garage

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Posted By: Gibbo

Re: Bultaco pursang - 27th Aug 2019 9:00am

Lovely looking bikes, thanks for the updates
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Re: Bultaco pursang - 1st Dec 2019 4:18pm

Update picture of bike am trying to build with parts incompatible with model. I have decided to buy a Classic Motocross running before am dead of old age as finding parts is not easy at all.

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Description: Bultaco
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Re: Bultaco pursang - 14th Dec 2019 5:42pm

Hi Update decided to carry on with Pursang's. Found the other lights and other parts and exhaust fits but will be loud. Anyway having a break until I collect all the parts or buy other Pursang projects cheap good to have spares Merry Xmas to All

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 9th Jan 2020 1:22pm

Update when You think you can spray having never took Art up knowing it will end in disaster but you think I might just pull it off that's what you keep saying to yourself then you look at yours and then a photo what it is meant to look like and you think of Mr John cleese from Fawlty Towers wear covers his head and squats and jumps up and down.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 10th Jan 2020 2:10pm

Update forgot to show picture of Tank I was copying they usually Painted but trying to save cash for parts for bike as all ready had lots spray cans and thought why Not.Must of been high on Pain killers to even attempt it. As this pattern is hard the red in particular then finding gold trim Anyway the Tank has been sanded back to Primer. Might have to look into cost of proper paint and buy the Astro Tank Graphics and sweet talk Birkenhead Art Tech to do it for me and flash the Cash if all fails.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 15th Jan 2020 3:13pm

Update cleaning out the Bedroom off Motorcycle Parts as the Mrs is going Nuts with Hobby everywhere you look there is Sherpa Parts or Pursang. Quick Photo of Spare Tanks 2 Alloy 3 Plastic. Have a 199A engine cylinder head and barrel with piston and rings shoved in her side unit as wouldn't fit in the box with Engine. Am so not going to get fed if don't move it quickly before she comes up stairs

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 31st Jan 2020 12:56pm

Rolling Stones. You Can't Aways Get What You Want.?
I have made 4 offers to seller explaining I have shipping and the dreaded Duty to pay. Unfortunately he wants Top Dollar as they are the Old ones. So will keep looking for a proper Astro tank and seat while looking for graphics. If any body on Wirral has any FT tyres with Tread for my 21 front and 18 rear Akront and know longer using send me a Message. Trying to buy a 19 inch Borrani from states but got outbid Thanks

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 2nd Feb 2020 10:01am

Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond
This is the only thing what makes me Not to Give UP on My Dream of Buying one Day. Even if got to Nail the Dam thing to Living Room if to ill as She is a Beaut

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 6th Feb 2020 11:53am

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter
So am on wrong page should be on hobby one as my Sons pointed out. Anyway look what am going to be bidding on. It is a Bultaco Pursang 125 frame with a 250cc Go Kart Engine in. The bike is identical to mine my engine is a 110 and she has a 153 in her. I will only bid so much as I would have to pay Auction fees what I dislike like a taste of Bile. The bike is on HH Classic so please bid if really want it. Thoe be warned it's missing parts and parts getting expensive to buy and they don't say if has compression or if gears select so please ask Auction before bidding. With us leaving at Xmas I am thinking there be some good bikes coming up Cheap as the Banks are putting up Overdraft charges as well. PS Only to be used on Private Land or Police will confiscate and Crush just thought I will throw that in if teens reading 🚓. As seen a few riding Up the New Chester road on a Motocross bike without plates last few days. Would hate to see Motocross Crushed so change Tyres and get Plates and Insurance and a Very good Helmet and maybe Leatt body Armour 🧐

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 21st Feb 2020 10:41am

Pink Floyd Comfortable Numb Live in Pompeii 2016
Update finely got a answer from HH Classic Auctions had to update my credit card details before I got reply thoe.
The 153 Go Kart engine( NOT Pursang ) has compression and gears select thoe please check your self as you Never believe what strangers say. You check and you do your homework then you decide if correct. Tried to buy this I think over a year ago off HH Classic it's a Mark 12 model 220 with matching vins so sick at the time I only threw 2 bids think went for around a Grand felt even more sick than I didn't bid enough . Photo of mark 12 I tried to win and Pursang 100 with 153 engine from other side. When gets closer will bid only if not much interest in the bike as starting on the Pursang mark 4 soon as i need a clutch puller thoe as my clutch plates look stuck tight as clutch is frozen.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 21st Feb 2020 11:59am

Lynyrd Skynyrd FreeBird
Speaking to the American owner who was selling the Bultaco Astro wanted $6.500 for her. It's a model 146 with matching numbers thoe with shipping and the Duty and insurance would be more like $9000 dollars. He said he would like to buy a speedway bike from hear but same problem duty so expensive to ship. Will keep looking thoe maybe next year see what Brexit throws up on eBay or Auction sites.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 21st Feb 2020 5:47pm

Pink Floyd "Echoes" Pompeii
The Pursang mark 4 250cc engine has come out ok but still need a Bench Polisher as got so much to polish. My rotation went on mine still have mops but compound is like a brick. Got them free with mops totally rubbish most likely some cleaning goo went hard and the sellers thought we will sell it as polish soap. Need to sand down frame and then Spray or paint as powder coat is to costly as need a Pursang mark 6 rear brake hub or shoes as Sherpa brake hubs to small and Frontera rear brake hub to big and wrong shoes so need that to buy and other bits.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 22nd Feb 2020 10:43am

Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother
The Mrs helped me carry Frame back in looks terrible starting to strip parts off to get clean for rebuild. Thoe have some Pursang shocks from other bike so in the shed they go and the handle bars NO good going to put Flat Track on when bought some. Bought 2 pairs of Amal clutch and brake levers so just slide on as found some cables as well. Unfortunately got no rear brake rods will have to adapt. The Pursang engines model 101 , 103, and the 680 engine by window. Finding Pursang Exhaust for 68 will be hard thoe and the mark 6 101model 175cc still looking. Suppose will have to begin I will make a coffee and throw some pain killers down neck then start unbolting everything. What fun but first i will Play B52s CAKE to do my muscle stretch exercise's in front of telly

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 22nd Feb 2020 12:19pm

Originally Posted by Bultaco
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother
The Mrs helped me carry Frame back in looks terrible starting to strip parts off to get clean for rebuild. Thoe have some Pursang shocks from other bike so in the shed they go and the handle bars NO good going to put Flat Track on when bought some. Bought 2 pairs of Amal clutch and brake levers so just slide on as found some cables as well. Unfortunately got no rear brake rods will have to adapt. The Pursang engines model 101 , 103, and the 680 engine by window. Finding Pursang Exhaust for 68 will be hard thoe and the mark 6 101model 175cc still looking. Suppose will have to begin I will make a coffee and throw some pain killers down neck then start unbolting everything. What fun but first i will Play Gorillaz Dare to do my muscle stretch exercise's in front of telly
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Re: Bultaco pursang - 22nd Feb 2020 12:43pm

That's bad you can not edit as your on a timer the B52s Cake is when am cooking in kitchen and it's Gorillaz Dare I exercise to. When get Old you make mistakes I always try Not to thoe. Anyway am off got parts to clean and sand.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 23rd Feb 2020 12:31pm

Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama
Realised am using this page like a diary of build should be on Hobby site. Always liked the 2 stroke especially in 70s the Yamaha RD400 or RD250 thoe not keen on water cooled bikes won't touch them. Anyway Forks have come up OK. Looking at the Fork tree looks original but might put a Pursang tree on so can use the handle bar Square clamps with the 8 bolts and nuts.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 27th Feb 2020 10:05am

B. B king The Thrill is Gone ( Crossroads 2010 ) (Official live Video YouTube )
Starting on cleaning the Pursang exhaust need to buy a few Exhaust spray Paint and bottles of White spirits for this and the other 2 Pursang ones. Coffee then back to work in cleaning the old paint off or should I just throw a few extra pain killers and down neck and mellow out to Floyd Joking would I do a thing like that at my age 😁

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 27th Feb 2020 12:21pm

U2 Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
( Bultaco Astro )
Found a pair of Handle bar's in shed thoe will need a Spray as a threw scratches better if wear Chrome or Black so see what comes up on eBay. Anyway back to work coffee break over.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 28th Feb 2020 2:16pm

Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven
Looks like I might be buying my Stairway if they don't sought this mess out. Also Stock Market looks like it's hemorrhaging and sinking into the Red Abyss. Dare I hope of picking up a Bultaco Astro cheap from the States the irony of it that I might be dead while waiting weeks for delivery if found one in a few months. Exhaust looks a bit better so if can have a Few sunny dry days to sand down Frame would be good while waiting for Exhaust Springs for the Mark 6 to place exhaust on.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 1st Mar 2020 4:25pm

David Bowie Ashe's to Ashe's
Picture of my 199A engine in red box have the complete engine in other box's and found some spares for it.
Picture of JM 159 in green box missing top half thoe but bought it cheap years ago. Thought it might come in handy for parts as you do.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 9th Mar 2020 11:19am

Rolling Stones Symphony For The Devil 😈
Seems Pound sterling is Woo hoo then it's Boo hoo
Anyway thought you like to see my jacket what will be using if can fit body armour underneath as it's XXX size. Been washing my cotton dust masks incase wear asked to wear them but I walk everywhere as got tired getting sick from people who haven't got a clue what hygiene is on public transport. Be safe you lot

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 12th Mar 2020 12:18pm

Beatles Day In The Life
Been keeping this one Quiet but i think i would crash and burn on first Lap as I believe to powerful for me.
Thoe saying that if stock Markets crash will borrow some cash and throw a offer in
This is a Harley Davidson XR750
They wear used in 1972 and upwards on the American Flat Track as it does the speed on the corners and the straight also it's light as has a Alloy engine.
This is the One everyone would like including me but I know my limitations but it's a XR750 you don't just walk away. If can not find Astro would definitely love this.
It's on HH classic Auction site she's a Beaut
Still cleaning the Pursang parts thoe picked up a Brake rod for £2.50 but £3 postage crazy ( Photo ) and still looking for more cheap Pursang bikes to buy. Wish I could trade everything for a Astro. Just to have to build a Bultaco Frankenstein Flat Track instead till find one. Stay safe and look after the Old please check they have food and medical supplies they must be scared watching News 😷

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 12th Mar 2020 12:53pm

Originally Posted by Bultaco
picked up a Brake rod for £2.50 but £3 postage crazy

I hate that happening, even if the total price is still reasonable. We've imported stuff from the States sometimes with customs and postage costing three or four times the cost of the item, so annoying.

Conversely I've driven 50 miles away for a cheap part which probably cost far more in fuel than posting it.

There's a suspension mount that is made in Europe but it is for an old American car (albeit a European manufacturer), nobody stocks it or can order it in this country. Its about £12 in the states but it is close-enough replacement for a different part that costs £80 in this country. While it saves us some money, the idea of forking out £40-£50 for a £12 item that is made in Europe leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
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Re: Bultaco pursang - 12th Mar 2020 2:23pm

Hi the first time i bought from states it was Bultaco Pursang Exhaust had shipping so thought thats fine. Then got a text from H.M Duty & Excise saying Charging me handling fees then got duty charge on top. If we do a deal with states and duty scrapped thats great but Not if in the long haul we are worst off as we need to think whats Best for our grandkids NOT us
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Re: Bultaco pursang - 3rd Apr 2020 11:54am

CCR Fortunate Son
I was given a Shield letter and thought O Crap am so Dead as have been finding Breathing harder as weeks pass. Anyway went into what's the point of doing anything but was so bored with that so sanded frame and sprayed it. Have put forks on and that's it until I can do exercise so doing a little bit each day if can but chest hurts but it's a hobby to keep mind active and body that was the whole point of it in first place. Anyway stay safe and do take care

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Re: Bultaco Pursang - 20th Apr 2020 11:53am

Blue Oyster Cult (Don't Fear) The Reaper

The Pursang Mark 4 boat seat has a ghastly cut down middle a chip out of back and paint is flaking off and cracking on top. The Tank I ruined head down with embarrassment as I believe I could actually paint with different colours ( Page 2 ) So what did I do i sanded down and sprayed silver as had a few cans. Unfortunately something happened to paint or mixed with the other dry paint and all turned sticky and tacky and never went hard. Had No choice but to sit in Garden with a knife and peel it like a potato nearly got it to original red now. So when finished will show picture as to embarrassing at moment. I don't mind telling people about how i messed up but it's correcting your mistake what is important don't leave the mess for other people to take care off. Anyway take care and keep yourself safe.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 22nd Apr 2020 10:54am

Rolling Stones. PAINT IT BLACK
Morning Going to store the Pursang Mark 4 until I can find a original Air Box and side Panels to buy for it. Got the spray goo of tank just badge spaces left so sandpaper yet again. Decided Not Spraying NO more NOT going through this again. So much work deflated back tyre as got 2 broken spokes also tyre has gone hard. Will need to take to garage has hands have swollen again and also no way got the strength to remove tyre unless had a chainsaw ( Joke) Anyway will need to find a Astro seat for it NO way touching that seat base to much work also haven't got a seat for the boat base anyway. I bidded on the Pursang twice at HH classic but the price to far I think went around £1500 and with there fee's on top decided am Out. The Mrs wants the 3 Sherpa bikes gone now so been given my orders as they have sat and sat and she wants house decorated. Sold the Suzuki LT80 so she has hall back now wants dining room back she has been patient with my hobby so that's fine. Take Care of Yourselves

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 4th May 2020 10:57am

Hazel O'Connor. Will You
Morning the News constantly Doom and Gloom wear all going to be poor and broke so I thinking maybe I can pick up a bike cheap. Unfortunately Not the case when looking on eBay as still very expensive. Been looking at the big 2 stroke Road bikes Yamaha RD and Kawasaki KH or H1 or a Suzuki see if I can pick one up for Cash with a V5 with same Vins on document. The Pursang's still need parts and won't just pay whatever as am in NO rush to build with lockdown. The 3 Bultaco Sherpa's and spare tanks with all the box's of parts maybe I could do a trade for a Road 2 Stroke what they don't use anymore. Thoe most likely will put them up on eBay as single bike's as nobody will want to trade as with all the Fear being generated it's Cash,Cash Cash they're Want. Anyway take care of Yourselves and see if can find my Astro/Pursang/Yamaha/Kawasaki ? 😁

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 8th Jun 2020 5:03pm

Pink Floyd Wish You Wear Hear
Bought a Pursang Silencer for the Model 100 but still haven't found the correct exhaust so it's useless till I find it but its a slow project a bit hear and there. Been searching house for Sherpa Parts and came across the spare Pursang Piston. Bought it as spare for the 175 model 101 incase I blew the piston racing it. I put the 3 Bultaco Sherpa up on eBay for a Trade put just got Cash offers so took them down as just wanted to trade as don't like selling usually just donate my stuff. Take care of yourselves

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 16th Jun 2020 12:46pm

AC/DC Shot Down In Flames
Hi Just got a Message from HH Classic informing me that Bultaco bikes are on there Auction Site. Seems sale didn't go through as there is the Pursang I bid on. Did tell them to tell buyer's that it was a Go Kart Engine Not Pursang but they never updated add. Anyway would like to know was it that reason or is there something wrong with engine. Will phone and ask as would like a chance to Bid again Thoe thinking with Government Stopping the Wages in October and Brexit will better Bikes be coming on the Market. Decision's Decision's I miss the 70s sooo much.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 8th Aug 2020 10:00am

Led Zeppelin. When The Levee Breaks.
Bought some Steering lock stop's so can screw Mudguard on. Unfortunately someone put a different screw in and is badly wedged in none of my allen keys fit so borrowed some. One came close but none fitted seems might need a different key to remove it. Might push Pursang to my local garage they might have the tool to remove it for me if I can Not do so.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 10th Aug 2020 9:11am

Daniel Powter Bad Day.
Having a few of these Bad day's ruined my mark 4 tank should of been other tank I should of used. Need to buy some Allen key's try and file one down to fit as believe the shape has been Altered on steering Screw ( Above in Picture ). Anyway got all the goo of tank just bits of black but tank smooth now but looking sad because I ruined it 😵😨😣😫😩😢😥. Need to Paint it with correct colour's thoe with my shaking hands will practise on some junk to see if feasible 😒

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 14th Aug 2020 9:29am

Fleetwood Mac The Chain
Took break shoes out the Pursang Mark 4 for mark 6 so have a rear brake now thoe tried to stay away from taking one to fix other for a long time. The mark 4 engine put back in dining room as the shed in not water proof as age is rotting the metal also covered bikes with plastic sheeting and box's. Need to change Tyres to Flat Track also need seat cover and foam as mine rotten still need a lot to do. I am hoping they might do the Telford Show next year as still wish to try and find a Astro seat and maybe a Alpina Speedo with fittings. Still need parts a Drive chain and New spark plug then check electric's. Bought some Stickers years ago to put on bike when built but with people ripping down statues maybe will be frowned upon by the time it's actually running.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 20th Aug 2020 11:27am

Pink Floyd. Welcome To The Machine
Decided to Spray side Panels to match tank so went and got Ford Sunburst Red from Halfords. The Price is insane £7.50 for a 300ml can they had some reduced to £3 thoe not my colour. Need to find some Yellow circle decals for side panel's thoe look very thin paper type so still looking for thicker ones. Changing rear Sprocket and putting on the Mark 4 one then need to go down town to buy liquid to seal inside tank for crap fuel and need spark plugs as well. Also need to take engine out and sought out clutch problem then still trying to find the correct air box cage with springs also believe air hose is off a Frontera. Finger's cross for a Telford show and me dragging a few Suitcase's of parts back home.

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 4th Sep 2020 3:54pm

Marianne Faithful Why'd Ya Do It ?
I looked at the Tank and thought it's ruined so thought I would try once more. Why I try to do something which Is beyond me I haven't a clue. You would think so easy to spray it's so NOT. Had runs then sand then use Spirits then spray then sand then Spirits building up layers ect and still manage to screw that up. Haven't touched bike only to spray side panel's looking for Yellow circular to put on panels thoe look thin so still looking. Rear brake rod to small thoe thinking if put it on a large spring should work . Really need Telford Show to help me for parts.

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Posted By: BultacoAstro

Re: Bultaco pursang - 4th Sep 2020 4:34pm

Marianne Faithful Guilt.
Two pictures you can see run's when took tape off so sand paper again. The black marks thought I could cheat and spray over. Nah doesn't work so all the black marks need sanding out before I put white on sides. The black is fine for top thoe I can see me seriously squatting and jumping up and down as I know will make a ----- of if anything with paint I have runs. Even turned tank on side to spray little puffs I get run's. Been trying to bid what look similar to Flat Track tyres thoe haven't won anything yet they keep bidding last second and I won't play that game it's like gambling and so against it don't like it at all. Anyway pictures of tank

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Re: Bultaco pursang - 17th Sep 2020 11:15am

Pink Floyd. One Of My Turns
Found a Tyre tried to remove Motocross Tyre unfortunately hand's haven't got the strength so will take to Tyre Garage down New Chester Road. The Tank was a Failure I tried Thoe. Should of asked A Graffiti Artist and paid him or her. Built up layers of white and wear I believed it to be dry it wasn't unfortunately sprayed and turned to mush. Back out with potato peeler I need a Holiday before I go Insane of being stuck in.

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