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Renault Modus 2010

Posted By: chrislfc87

Renault Modus 2010 - 16th Jul 2018 12:48pm


Can anyone help at all?

I have a Renault Modus 2010, Spanner lit up on dashboard recently with a message Check Injection, when lit the car loses a lot of power.

Car has been put onto a diagnostics machine, the code P2263 came up.

All of the things for this have been checked, code was cleared, but within 20 mins the same thing happened.

Doing my head in now as to what it could be.

If anyone can help, pm me and i will send you my number.

Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Renault Modus 2010 - 16th Jul 2018 2:13pm

If its not an obvious fault such as cracked hose etc you'll probably need to use proper Renault diagnostics (clip) or its just a guessing game.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Renault Modus 2010 - 16th Jul 2018 6:27pm

Try injector cleaner in fuel or do these still have air intakes?
Posted By: chrislfc87

Re: Renault Modus 2010 - 16th Jul 2018 7:41pm

I have tried Redex, when the fuel runs low the car runs a bit better but still sluggish.
Cant get over 55mph at all even when the light is off.
Posted By: Gibbo

Re: Renault Modus 2010 - 18th Jul 2018 9:40am

EGR fault I reckon, affecting your turbo - assuming its a diesel?
Posted By: chrislfc87

Re: Renault Modus 2010 - 18th Jul 2018 1:31pm

Its a Petrol
Posted By: chris_gilly

Re: Renault Modus 2010 - 12th Aug 2018 3:30pm

Assuming it’s a 1.2 turbo model...
First things first, it needs to go on a decent quality diagnostic machine. Renaults and cheap code readers don’t work, once code has been verified you need to look at live data.

With the engine off does the manifold pressure and mass air flow values appear right, where is the egr position?

If they all look ok I’d check intake pipes, boost hoses and intercooler for any splits... sometimes they can be very hard to spot... but keep an eye out for any oil deposits on the hoses and pay careful attention.

Another possibility is the vacuum line going to the turbo actuator or the actuator itself. (Even could be down to the vanes in the turbo sticking.... check actuator rod moves freely by hand)
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