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Mitsubishi Specialist Locally?

Posted By: rhoobarb2002

Mitsubishi Specialist Locally? - 12th May 2017 11:19am

Anyone know of any Mitsi specialists locally?

My car has a crankshaft sensor fault, and my local garage is having difficulties getting it sorted without potentially costing big money. Basically the sensor is in an akward position between the engine and gearbox, and cannot be easily accessed without dropping the gearbox out, or with a tool (that may or may not exist, even Mitsi tech support were unsure if such a tool exists). The garage is trying to work a way around it, but I thought I would see if there are any local specialists that have experience in this.

Gallaghers (Mitsi Dealer) at Sandycroft were only helpful enough to give me the Mitsi tech support number, they would not comment on anything else without seeing the car.
Posted By: Gibbo

Re: Mitsubishi Specialist Locally? - 17th May 2017 9:07am

Have you tried Turnip? His dad is an expert at reaching things in hard to reach places.

He did a job on my car a couple of years back that should have required the engine moving and the dash out, without doing either!
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