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USB Phone Charger

Posted By: Fireblade

USB Phone Charger - 18th Oct 2015 12:57pm

Hi all,back in the day,there was Tandy,i'm looking for somewhere similar,i know theres Maplins and Ebay ,and Amazon,but i wanted to know if there was a shop local,ie Bhead,Wallasey, The Market,that sold USB phone chargers to fit on a motorbike.
Posted By: Habdab

Re: USB Phone Charger - 19th Oct 2015 9:47am

Have you tried PC World in Bromborough or ask the guy in SS Radio on Mill lane in Wallasey. Also Bigabyte in Old Chester Road Birkenhead and New Ferry. Possibly Tesco or Halfords in Bidston Moss?
Have you tried SRT Motorcycles in Birkenhead? They might sell what you want.
I'm sure the other Forum users could add to the list.
Posted By: Fireblade

Re: USB Phone Charger - 19th Oct 2015 7:17pm

Cheers H,as you know,two clicks and its ordered from,
Amazon or Ebay,but i wanted somewhere local,like SS Radio,i didnt want to go to Tesco,or Currys,so i'll give SS Radio,and Bigabyte a bell tomorrow,thanks for your reply happy
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