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Posted By: fish5133

Roadworks - 20th Jul 2015 7:18pm

Mill Lane Greasby closed for 3 weeks? from 30th may. Resurfacing Mill Hill Road Irby 21st May ,

Woodchurch Road by Asda impending chaos during gas main replacement,.Little taste of it today as they were putting barriers up. Tailbacks onto M53 junction roundabout.
Good time to avoid the area or go on holiday
Posted By: iyoung

Re: Roadworks - 20th Jul 2015 7:25pm

Also singleton avenue leading to woodchurch road, closed from 22nd till 29th for resurfacing works
Posted By: Nigel

Re: Roadworks - 21st Jul 2015 8:48am

So with J2 M53 closed due to the bridge being down and Woodchurch road being off it is going to be merry hell getting to Greasby from the southbound direction of the M53.
Posted By: Gibbo

Re: Roadworks - 21st Jul 2015 9:28am

It was bad at J3 of the M53 yesterday afternoon thanks to morons blocking the northbound exit sliproad onto the roundabout.
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