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Sunday morning

Posted By: davelfc

Sunday morning - 21st Jun 2016 6:51pm

a majorette group get picked up on a sunday morning at the end of my road and its right outside my house, they gather from anytime from 7am up to 8am, slamming car doors, kids running around and its doing my head in now,is there any law which states anything regarding noise that early of a morning.

Posted By: j_demo

Re: Sunday morning - 21st Jun 2016 7:36pm

I don't think so. I'm fairly sure there isn't anyway. Your best bet is to have a a polite word with any adults who are 'in charge' and mention to them that you work long hours or whatever and you value a lie in. If that doesn't work then phone the police 101 number and put in a noise complaint each time it's done.
Posted By: davelfc

Re: Sunday morning - 21st Jun 2016 8:23pm

I have asked one of the adults when i seen her whilst in Aldi, she said she would mention it but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, i will put a complaint in. Thanks for the reply.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Sunday morning - 23rd Jun 2016 10:42pm

Had a guy start up a digger and start demolishing his garage this morning just before 7. Think someone complained as it went silent till 8am
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