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Posted By: ludwigvan

Wills. - 23rd Apr 2014 2:30pm

Hi folks,I've decided it's time I made a Will and obviously I don't want to spend any more than necessary.Does anyone know of any solicitors who will write a Will for a reasonable cost (cheap)? Or are any doing them for a charitable donation as they were doing a while ago? Any information gratefully received.
Posted By: Salmon

Re: Wills. - 23rd Apr 2014 3:30pm

March and October are the free wills months so you have just missed out on that, sorry to say.
Cancer research used to do it free all year but expected a bequest in the will.That may still be the case.
Would be worth checking on Money saving expert website. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/
Posted By: rossie

Re: Wills. - 23rd Apr 2014 5:11pm

Steve Hale of law4U
in Claughton is doing free wills week commencing 19th May in return for donation to Jospice.Jospice is a charity with hospices in UK and Africa. Suggested offering
100.652 1161.
Posted By: Toffeenose

Re: Wills. - 23rd Apr 2014 5:42pm

If you're a member of Unite , or any union i assume , they offer a free will service.
Posted By: sunnyside

Re: Wills. - 23rd Apr 2014 7:29pm

You can purchase a will from the likes of W.H. SMITH, and fill it in yourself and get 2 people to witness , it is a few pounds and legally binding, unless you have a lot of complex bequests or assets. just a thought .
Posted By: ludwigvan

Re: Wills. - 24th Apr 2014 8:18am

Thank you all for your advice,food for thought.
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