This is a very serious topic guys. It aint lookin good for the last mass british car maker. For a company that sells as many cars as it does to get into this state it makes me angry as certain fat cats make there money. As u all no i work with rover and mg and as much as it doesnt come as a shock recent developments i am discusted that it has gone this far.

i no sum of u mock them for the wood but the rovers arent bad little cars, they r finnished in good quality and prices are very reasonable when it comes down to it. As for MG it has really made a difference since the consortium took over some years ago. MG sales r still very good at the moment for a sports car brand.

Lets see how the next few days go but i for 1 will b very uset to see Rover go anywhere.
ve vill not stop untill ve go sidewayz!!!!

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