World Donut Record Smashed

The world record for the number of cars simultaneously performing
donuts has gone from a measly three to a far more impressive 22.
The successful attempt was organised by Cooper Tires and Redline magazine,
and took place at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire - a strange venue
on the face of it, since Santa Pod is better known as a home for the
resolutely straightline sport of drag racing

All 22 cars had to spin for at least ten seconds for the new record to be set.
That was never going to be a problem, since there were many experts
behind the wheel; some from the online drifting community,
plus competitors in the UK D1 National Drifting Championship. This unusual
form of the sport is very big in Japan and growing over here,
and involves high-speed manoeuvring during which the car is, ideally,
never pointing in the direction of travel.

So there you go a donut record and not a copper in sight lol...
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