For Sale is my old trusty XC Marin mountain bike. I've upgraded near enough everything on it over the years and it's gone through yet another round of modifications in the past couple of months. The current, though non-exhaustive, specs for it are as follows (anything in bold has been upgraded from what came standard with the bike back when i bought it)

Brakeset: upgraded shoes, pads (to Clarke pads which were £6 a set so £12 overall), caliper and noodles, (one caliper is a Scott the other Avid but i can't remember which is which at the moment)
Shift Levers: Shimano EF-50 EZ Fire Integrated
Brake Cables: Jagwire CEX (Lime Green Colour)
Gear Cables: Jagwire LEX (Red Colour)
Front Derailleur: Shimano C050
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Acera
Crankset: Sram S600 42-32-22

Pedals: Black Alloy
Bottom Bracket: Truvativ PowerSpline 68mm X 113mm
Chain: (upgraded when the crankset was changed, forget what one i used but it cost me £23

Seatpost: Alloy Micro Adjust, 27.2mm diameter
Forks: Spinner Grind OS [spring-loaded with 100mm Travel]
Saddle: FWE Sport Saddle
Handlebar: Double Butted 6061 Alloy
Handlebar Grips: ODI Longneck ST (Yellow)
Handlebar Stem: Forged Alloy OS
Headset: 1 1/8" Ritchey LB
Front Wheel Hubs: Alloy Double Sealed QR
Front Wheel Rim: Alloy, 36-hole
Rear Wheel Hubs: Alloy Double Sealed QR
Rear Wheel Rim: Alloy, 36-hole (similar spec to original, unknown brand, upgraded at OffTheRock cycles in 2015)
Tyres: 26 x 2.4" DMR Moto Digger

other modifications include adding a rear mudguard and I have removed the decals from the forks and replaced them with black ones that have the Marin logo-wording on (and honestly it looks really cool) and there are more, i just can't remember at the moment.

the bike originally cost me £349 from Birkenhead Cycles (i do have the original receipt somewhere should you want to see it) and all the upgrades i daren't add up the cost of... but because during typing this i did add them up, i can tell you the total cost of the upgrades has been somewhere in the region of £280-£300. I always wanted to upgrade the forks to something like RockShox but never really had the money or time to, the forks are really the only thing that possibly needs upgrading, the current ones are good though don't get me wrong but if you want an upgrade, you can get some RockShox XC28's for £50-£70 online depending on where you go.

so how much do i want?


side note: for the same price in Halfords you can get any of these poor excuses for a mountain bike: Carrera Valour, Apollo Gradient or Boss Blade (the latter of which i wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy!

here's some pics below so you can get an idea if what the bike looks like.

VERY RECENT PIC OF BIKE (it's the one on the left, this was taken about a week ago (when my flat was an absolute MESS) this is what the bike looks like right now with above specs)



OLDER PIC DOWN AT NEW BRIGHTON FRONT (features the older tyres, grips, pedals, crankset, derailleur and seat. among others)


Any further questions please message me or ask below, i'm more than happy to answer any you may have.