Xbox One players can now shout ‘feed me’ at their console to get pizza delivered.

Teenagers won’t have to shout at their mums to get them something to eat while playing their Xbox Ones anymore.

Instead, they’ll be able to yell at their console thanks to a new Domino’s app.

The feature on Microsoft’s console, which utilises the Kinect camera, will allow gamers to order a pizza by demanding their consoles ‘feed me’.

After uttering the phrase users will be able to use hand gestures (or a remote) to choose what kind of pizza they want.

The food items will then be delivered by their nearest Domino’s, with up-to-date information on how close it is to arriving given on the screen.

This will mean youngsters will not have to interrupt their all-important gaming sessions, and even more importantly, won’t have to risk the wrath of their parents by disrespectfully demanding they get them food.

‘We love gamers and gamers love pizza. It’s the ultimate game fuel,’ said Domino’s Pizza UK’s Simon Wallis.

He added: ‘We can’t wait for people to start using the app.’

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