For Sale are 2 microphones and 1 stand. One microphone is a Rlaky DM-308 which also includes a wireless transmitter which requires 2 X AA batteries (will include) I also have a 'Shure SM58s' with box and carry pouch. These also come with 2 microphone to 1/4" jack cables (XLR to Jack cables)

Price: 40 the lot.

Yes 40!!!

Why: the Rlaky mic is alright, nothing special. The Shure is actually imported from China and it's legitimacy is questionable at best. HOWEVER it's recording quality is very very good so it's not a bad mic, it's actually quite a really good mic. It's just not made by 'shure' I don't think anyway. Not taking any chances so selling it as a 'replica'

Any other questions please feel free to ask.